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Gwent is an ancient dwarven card game you can play with many characters in The Witcher 3. If you’ve collected a bunch of Gwent cards and developed a winning Gwent strategy, you’re probably looking to play with some folks and gather the remaining cards.
In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Gwent players and card sellers across the world.

White Orchard Card Traders

white orchard gwent players
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There are three people you’ll want to visit regarding Gwent in White Orchard:
  1. The first player is at one of the tables at the Inn.
  2. Elsa the innkeeper sells cards.
  3. The merchant you saved from the griffin sells cards.

Gwent Players In Velen

velen crow's perch gwent players
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The area around Crow’s Perch has thirteen players you can cross paths with:
  1. The blacksmith in Blackbough
  2. The merchant in Blackbough
  3. The Bloody Baron in Crow’s Perch
  4. Yoanna, the blacksmith’s apprentice in Crow’s Perch
  5. Fergus Graem, the blacksmith in Crow’s Perch
  6. The quartermaster in Crow’s Perch
  7. The trader in lower Crow’s Perch
  8. The blacksmith in Lindenvale
  9. The merchant in Lindenvale
  10. The armorer in Midcopse
  11. The merchant in Midcopse
  12. The craftsman in Claywich
  13. The trader in Oreton
velen oxenfurt gwent players
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There’s six more near and in the fair city of Oxenfurt:
  1. The armorer in Mulbrydale
  2. The blacksmith in south-eastern Oxenfurt
  3. Stjepan the innkeeper at the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt
  4. The armorer in northern Oxenfurt
  5. The merchant at the market in northern Oxenfurt
  6. The dwarven herbalist in the hut north-east of Oxenfurt

The quartermaster at the Nilfgaardian Army Group Center Camp in the far south-east of Velen will be happy to play with you as well.

Novigrad Gwent Players

Novigrad is the biggest city in the game, so it’s only natural that the biggest number of Gwent players and card sellers can be found here. There’s 24 of them in total, in and around Novigrad:
novigrad gwent players
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  1. The priest of Eternal Fire near Elector’s Square on the northern island
  2. Marquise Serenity in the Passiflora brothel
  3. The alchemist at the crematory north of Oxenfurt Gate
  4. The merchant in the building behind the notice board
  5. The innkeep at the Nowhere Inn
  6. The loanshark south-west of Oxenfurt Gate
  7. The merchant across the street from the loanshark
  8. The innkeep at the Seven Cats Inn, east of Tretogor Gate
  9. The innkeep at Cunny of The Goose, south of the city
  10. Elihal, the tailor south of Tretogor gate
  11. The merchant at the market north-west of Tretogor Gate
  12. Olivier, the innkeep at Kingfisher inn sells a few cards
  13. Marcus T.K. Hodgson at the bookstore on Hierarch Square
  14. The blacksmith in Silverton, north-west of Hierarch Square
  15. The merchant across the road from the blacksmith
  16. The fish seller in the small market west of Hierarch Square
  17. Vimme Vivaldi, the owner of the bank
  18. The blacksmith on the fish market, south of the bank
  19. The innkeep at The Golden Sturgeon, west of Hierarch Square
  20. The dwarven herbalist south of the fish market, across the canal
  21. Zoltan at Rosemary & Thyme, near the Gate of The Hierarch (during quest)
  22. The merchant north of Glory Gate
  23. The madame at Crippled Kate’s brothel
  24. The merchant at the Scoiat’ael camp south-west of the city

Skellige Isles Gwent Players

An Skellig, the north-eastern island, is home to three Gwent players:
an skellig gwent players
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  1. The blacksmith in Urialla Harbor
  2. The innkeep in Urialla Harbor, who also has some cards for sale
  3. The armorer in Urialla Harbor
Hidjarsfall is the island in the eastern part of the archipelago. There are four players to be found there:
hindarsfjall gwent players
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  1. The armorer in Larvik
  2. The merchant by the inn in Larvik
  3. The innkeep at the House of Warriors inn in Larvik
  4. The blacksmith in Larvik
Faroe is the elongated island in the south-east. There are only two people interested in Gwent on the whole island.
witcher 3 gwent players
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  1. The innkeep at the inn in Harviken
  2. The blacksmith in Harviken
The island in the north-west is called Spikeroog. There’s a couple of people you’ll want to talk to there, too:
gwent players and merchants
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  1. The innkeep at the inn in Svorlag will sell you cards and play against you
  2. The merchant by the sea in Svorlag
  3. The blacksmith in the north of Svorlag
Ard Skellig is the large, central island. The northern part of the island is home to four people of interest:
ard skellig north gwent players
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  1. The blacksmith at Kaer Trolde
  2. The armorer at Kaer Trolde
  3. Jonas the innkeep at the New Port Inn in Kaer Trolde both plays and sells
  4. The merchant in Blandare
The southern half of the island is more crowded, with almost a dozen players:
ard skellig south gwent players
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  1. The blacksmith in Arinbjorn
  2. The innkeep at the in in Arinbjorn sells and plays
  3. The blacksmith in Fayrlund
  4. The merchant in Fayrlund
  5. The herbalist in distress on the road north of Palisade
  6. The merchant in Fyresdal
  7. The smith in Fyresdal
  8. The smith in Kaer Muire
  9. The armorer in Kaer Muire
  10. The merchant in Holmstein’s Port
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    Forgot the barkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads


    Amazing maps, helped me a lot for the last random cards! thank you


    You forgot the noble in the courtyard in the Royal Palace 🙂


      That was the first one I encountered after the first 3… He kicked my butt so hard, so many times..
      When I eventually came back (out of pure f*ckin’ spite.) i kicked his ass ALL OVER the place… after several tries.
      I hate that f*ckin’ noble so much. goddamnit. xD


        If you buy 3 decoy cards from the innkeeper in White Orchard (sells one at a time, meditate for 4 days, will sell another), you can take his spy cards off the board, into your hand, and play them back against him. I was able to beat him doing this the first time I met him, 2nd attempt.


    Has anyone else the bug that there is no gwint Option?
    For example Stjepan the innkeeper in Oxenfurt


      You have to get the quest before you can play him. He’s the first one you play in the inkeep quest. Go look on some notice boards and stuff and you should get the quest.


    I’ve had it bugged where I played 5 different people on the Islands, ones I’ve never played before, and I didn’t receive anything for winning,


      You just might have collected all the cards you could from random players. That happened to me too, I’m kind of a Gwent addict, and whenever I find a new player, I always challenge him (her). All of a sudden, I stopped winning cards when I was exploring Skellige, so I checked the gwent card guide, and realized there are more random gwent players than random cards to be earned… and since I already had all the random winnable cards of the list, the game stopped rewarding me with them.


        Almost true.. i say almost because i’ve not ALL random cards (reading several guides i discovered that just 1 random card i need, KAYRAN).
        Now i’m playing gwent with every lifeform i encounter but nothing. I receive only crowns. No materials, no cards.
        1) It’s the first time i play gwent with them;
        2) This strange behavior of the game is happening from almost 10 traders / armorers / blacksmiths and so on;
        3) I’m in Skellige, i’ve played with ALL merchants and so on in Velen / Novigrad / White Orchard
        4) This happen approximately from patch 1.08 (but i’m not sure 100%).

        Anyone knows if is this a bug or if exists a way to resolve this? Maybe KAYRAN is not a RANDOM card… but…

          jon memo

          Hey, i just found the kayran after beating the merchant in the small hamlet of downwarren in velen


          i have the same problem with the arachas behemoth.but i belive u must find players with monster decks that contain your missing card.for me it is the only logical explanation


    Merchant in Downwarren.
    And Quest NPCs? Happy (Midcopse), Shipwright (Oreton), Soothsayer (Benek) etc.?

    Shlomi Barness

    The merchant at the Scoiat’ael camp number 24 in novigrad is not a gwent player for me.


      he’s part of a gwent player quest: big city players. (needs to be completely before reason of state quest)


    I reckon most people know this already from experimenting but some merchants actually show at different times, for example the fish market merchant in novigrad shows up a little later in the afternoon so you have to be careful not to miss him by meditating or getting bored like i did. Also Merch in Downwarren disappears depending on whether you release or kill the spirit in the Whispering Hillock quest. Scoiat’ael camp merchant only becomes a gwent player after you defeat the other novigrad players in the side quest “Big City Players”. Similarly, Stjepan only becomes a gwent opponent after visiting the noticeboard in oxenfurt and picking up the relevant notice.

    Also CDProjekt Red are aware that some rescuable NPC’s whom sell cards, such as the one in claywych are bugged and often do not make it back after being rescued. Expect a fix sometime in the near future.

    One last little extra note, the official Prima Game Guide notes the blacksmith in the center of novigrad between vimmi vivaldi and the bookseller as being a gwent player, but i have been unable to access this option despite multiple attempts and returning etc… This may be an error with the guide, or may be another bug to watch out for.


    Is it just my game but the person you save from the Griffin isn’t selling any card. Or do they appear later in the game………………………..


      He sells no cards on mine either.


        He sells no card to me neither..


      He only sells the cards that the Innkeeper offered in White Orchard. As you leave White Orchard she becomes unavailable so you can then get the cards from him…provided you didn’t already buy them. This wasn’t originally in the game, but was added with the 1.04 patch. You should also be able to find the Zoltan card from the tutorial guy near Hanged Man’s Tree (or from his body, I suppose.) The Baron will leave his card in his office when you complete his quest line. No word on if they’ve replaced the Dandelion card that you can miss if you don’t participate at the mini tournament on the Vegelbud estate during a quest(the one with a party).


    You mised 1 Player
    – Downwarren Merchant – rewards you Philipa Eilhart


      I just played him and received Havekar Smuggler. Must be random?

        I actually got the Philipa Eilhart card from him.


    You also missed the Herbalist in Kaer Trolde. Definitely a Gwent player, he awarded me a monster hero card, though I believe it’s random.


    I don’t win any more random cards. As written above i should’ve got all of them. But i’m missing the Zoltán card. Anybody else?


      Zoltan card isnt a random card. you’ll get this from the first player of gwent in white orchard inn. It was a missable card but after 1.07 patch, it’ll be available under the Hanged Man’s Tree anytime.


    Can someone help me?The only 2 remaining cards that I need to get are from the alchemyst in the Crematory (number 3 in the Novigrad photo) and from the merchant behind the notice board. But after I beat them I get no card nor a crafting material…The dialogue option with “Let’s play gwent” or something like that is gold on both,meaning I never talked to them or played gwent with them…I should get a card,but I don’t…can someone help?


    I have found no one to play in Harviken. Though different guides have 2 or 4 listed. I have stopped getting random cards as stated above, but I have only 2 clear weather, 2 torrential rain, and only one ballista, missing one of each according to some guides. I have celeno Harpy, but don’t have any other harpy as one guide listed. 2 nekkers, not 3, 2 gouhls not 3, and no vampire Fleder. several of these are supposed to be in harviken, but no merchants or blacksmiths or amourers their. As you can see I’m in a world of hurt. Help…


      Make sure you’re going during the day. I went at 9AM and got a Ghoul, Nekker, Harpy, & Fleder from buying it from the innkeeper.


    OK, I’ve either got a new one, or a bug. In Crookback Bog, the village of Donnerville (Swamp Thing contract), I had just gotten the 5 of 6 Griffin gear (Dragonslayer Grotto), and went SE to the nearest village. Lo and behold, there’s a merchant, playing a pretty mediocre Monsters deck. He gives a random card ( I got the Hero card Imlerith).
    I loaded a previous save (about 3 levels worth), and he’s still there.(and he gave me a different card that time)
    Go get him guys!


    Does Priscillia drop a card when you play against her???

      Vítor Gomes

      Not for me.


    i cannot find mr Marcus T.K. Hodgson

    no one is in that book store

    just a bunch of books but no npc there

    HELP !

      Steven Meengs

      You must be too far in the game. After all the mages left Novigrad, the Witch Hunters started going after book sellers, I’m guessing he was burned at the stake.

    Justin Yu

    What quest is the guide talking about in novigrad 21


    There is also a merchant in Downwarren – Velen that will gwent with you (downwarren does not have a fast travel location – it is directly south of Reardon Manor)

    Otherwise awesome guide!


      Actually there is a fast travel post lol my bad

    Gwent Stefani

    Shopkeeper in a Circus due east of the Eternal Fire Chapel, a marker to the west of the Cunny of the Goose Inn.

    Tee Marie

    The herbalist at Kaer Trolde also plays.


    Epic guide helped me alot to find all playng bastards:)+Platinum hehehe.


    Can anyone help me understand the Gwent guide (in game)?

    I had 3 in velen that I didn’t get, ran across a rando and played and got a card. All of a sudden velen is at zero.
    I’ve followed this guide and played everyone in novigrad including those I’d already played but the. Gwent book says I still have 4 people to play in novigrad!

      Gosu No0b

      It is probably the people you need to play in the Gwent tournament. This is a special quest that shows up later and you should really have a strong GWENT deck befor you attempt it.


        I suspected as much. I’m having a similar issue though I’ve gone through the entire list methodically for skellige, and I’m on the last two in the list; however the guide says I still have 7 people left. The past 8 PLAYERS haven’t given me a card (and only one gave me a material).
        Further I should add I haven’t done the Gwent: Skellige Style quest but it only shows ermion?

        Any more help is appreciated!

    G3R41T 0F R1V14

    missed out Thaler at the Seven Cats (only available if you play Zoltan AFTER helping Sigi Reuven find Thaler for the assassination plot against Radovid) if you miss this then you cannot get the Geralt of Rivia hero card (playable in any deck)

    Zayd Johnston

    So to be clear, there aren’t any Gwent players in Kaer Morhen, Vizima, or Toussaint?


      I know for sure that is one in Vizima, and you can end up playing Lambert in Kaer Morhen


    Nice maps. They help a lot, but I’m noticing some differences. I’ve had players sell me cards that are not showing up as card sellers on these lists. And also, there are some players that are supposed to sell a card or two according to this list that do not sell me any cards. I’m on my 3rd play thru so I’m paying more attention now. For example, the armorer at Oxenfurt (number 4) sold me 3 Scoiat’ael cards, but according to the list there isn’t any sellers in Oxenfurt. And there is a Scoiat’ael merchant on the Novigrad map (number 24) that is supposed to sell a card, but he doesn’t have any to sell and isn’t even a player.
    I think that thru the updates they’ve changed some of the players/card sellers. Has anyone else noticed some differences like this?


      Oh just realized the Scoiat’ael merchant (No. 24) does play but only as part of the Novigrad gwent players quest. But he still does not sell any cards for me. At least not on this play thru. Could it be that the location of some cards just pick random NPCs with latest updates? It seems most info available about this game was posted many updates ago. Currently on 1.31. I’ve seen a lot of confusion regarding mods and such in regards to updates and compatibility so it seems there was a lot of updates that changed a lot of things over the course of the last couple years. Well, best of luck to us all now…


    You should mention the importance of the quest following the thread i miss the goddamn neeker card and had to start over……………. man i love this game but that trophy is BS

      Marc MASSONN

      Damn right ! if only we could ng+ From a ng+ ! I wouldn’t,t lose all my cards ! Maybe this is only because a start the dlc mission after finishing the main story on ng+ and find out I misss this damn necker cards from following the threads I cannot restart a game plus for now so i will have to finish the dlcs to find out if I need to go after all the cards again to get my 1 missing cards! Any ideas if I only have to get true the dlcs to start a ng+ from my ng+ save?


    Innkeep at Harviken also sells cards


    Thank you very much !!! 🙂


    Hello sir, you missed one player,

    The Herbalist in Kaer Trolde, Skellige also plays Gwent.


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