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When leveling up in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’ll earn ability points. By investing those points into skills in the talent tree, you’ll enhance Geralt’s performance on the battlefield.
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You might increase the attack power of his sword swings, the intensity of the signs he casts, or the efficiency of his potions and oils. Sadly, there are more skills than skill points in the game. You will never be able to learn all the skills and upgrade them to the highest level.

You will have to choose what to invest in. You might want to devote your limited resources to mastering the use of swords, or you might want to spread them out more evenly, learning a bit from every talent tree. Our skill calculator will help you do that. If you make a mistake in the game, you’ll have to pay through the nose to do a skill reset. You can use it to mix & match different skills, and see their effects on your stats. You can check whether investing in a particular ability will have the effects you hope for. You can make the perfect character build, one that suits your needs and play style.

This tool was made based on all the videos CD Projekt Red released so far. We will have the graphics and stats upgraded once the game is released.You can share that Witcher 3 skill build with your friends by copy/pasting the link from our calculator and sending it to your friends. Feel free to post your builds in the comments section bellow.

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  1. My build is focused on Tank-like melee combat, with a dash of potions/alchemical assistance and a few general upgrades. I hope to playthrough the game on Death March difficulty with this build. Tell me what you think.

    1. C

      I think there are tier requirements in each of the trees that the calc is designed to acknowledge, but otherwise looks like a solid start to a build.

      1. D

        I’m doing something similar to what Jesse did, a hybrid of signs and swords. I did something similar in the Witcher 2 and it worked well, and so far so good in the Witcher 3.

    2. R
      Running Bunny

      Here is a Quen/Aard sign build with some upgrade to combat thrown into the mix. Minimum level 53, powerful use of signs.

  2. S

    The calculation is wrong.
    The 0/20at the top counts up as you invest into differend skills, and not for each skill you put in it.
    For example, you can have 5/5 in 1 skill, this brings your skill at the top to 1/20, and not 5/20.

    In its current state this calculator is wrong.
    Also, it takes 8 skill points to go to the 2nd tier, 20 to the third, and 36 to get to the last tier

    1. A

      Yep, saw that too.

      The numbers to unlock further tiers are different in each tree though.

    2. A

      It’s so you can better see which skills you want to actively use. Since you can only have a maximum of 12 active skills at a time with a level 30 build it’s nice to be able to see at a glance the number you’re planning to use from a given tree.

      Nothing wrong with the calculator.

      1. C

        err if you add it down the calculator is right unless you dont know how to add the upper tiers to the lower tiers to get the 20 from 8 and 36 from the 20 points

  3. V

    I believe this is the build I’ll be going with, I’m going to start off in Death March for what I hope is a real challenge! I’ve not had a chance to look how the skills fare but by the looks of it I think I’m going to be able to deal with all enemies with this build.

    1. M

      You have way over 12 abilties, and you can only slot 12 ? or did I miss something.

    1. H

      Shame, it doesn’t show everything.

  4. This is my Warrior Mage build on the second hardest difficulty, alternating between signs and melee, lemme know what you guys think

      1. K

        it won’t work, you need at least 18 points to access tier 3 sign skills

  5. V

    This is my Melee focused build with points in magic for survivability and extra dialogue options. (I am currently working towards this on Death March difficulty and it’s working quite well so far)

  6. J

    Check out my build, i didn’t try it yet, but i think this build become useful for players whos usually use the igni and quen signs, and whos want to weaken his enemy.
    http ://|2xsign_1_4|3xsign_1_5|4xcombat_4_1|5xsign_4_2|6xcombat_4_4|7xgeneral_3_1|8xgeneral_2_4|9xgeneral_3_4|10xalchemy_3_4|11xsign_4_4|12xsign_2_4

  7. S

    working towards this as my build! Playing on death march having a ton of fun tearing bad guys apart using signs! Axii & Igni are absolutely brutal once you get the alternate versions of them, plus Axii opens up more dialoge with the Jedi mind trick which i also find cool 🙂 … I’ve been using oils and bombs to enhance swords damage although i dont think i want to use any of the alchemy abilities as i prefer having powerful signs. oils and bombs i just use as back up really and against tougher boss enemies!! … when im not slaying monsters im a complete Gwent addict!! 🙂 … such an awesome game!! definitely lived up to the hype for me!

  8. B

    Will this skill calculator ever be patched and updated?
    There’s no skill point threshold to unlock tiers, sklli limit is not implemented, many skill’s in-game function is listed wrong here.

  9. D

    Late game meta build on Death March; quen branch + bunch of synergy mutagen bonus for mega tankiness. Tons of damage bonus from quick attacks, synergy and cat school (armor not so important with high quen intensity). Lots of additional bonus potion/oil damage and time. Some axii thrown in to make things even easier. Worked extremely well for me. This build follows the tier restrictions 8/18 or 20. Fill in the remaining 3 skill slots with puppet, delusion and cat school techniques.

  10. O

    LoL, this game is so easy even on “hardest” difficulty a 5 years old can beat game, so who the fk cares what build you use.

    1. D
      Dafuq I have to give my name for?

      You’ve obviously never played on the hardest difficulty.

      1. M

        Go watch people videos beating enemies 10 levels above on HARDEST difficulty, then come back and share your thoughts again.

        1. T

          Go play it yourself then!
          It’s hard only if you don’t know how to play like any other game.

  11. V

    Build name: “‘Death March!’ made easy.”

    Here’s a concept of a build I’m going to use to complete the game on “Death March!” difficulty. I estimate myself to be around level 45 by the time I get all 70 skill points for the build. The build focuses on super high DPS while maintaining health points by using Quen.

  12. L

    Sign requirements are : 6 , 18, 28
    Others requirements are : 8, 20, 30

    1. L

      Nevermind, I was mistaken anyway, now the calculator is running good.

    2. G
      Gosu No0b

      I’ve updated the calculator to work with those exact requirements. Each tree has its own unlock requirements, just like you said.

  13. J

    Appreciate the work on the skills calculator. Couple of questions:

    1) Will you be adding slots for Mutagens?
    2) Is there a way to save our builds so that we can edit them later without having to totally recreate them?

    Thanks again.

    1. M

      1) What’s the point of mutagen slots?
      2) Copy link

      1. C

        Well, mutagens can like add +40% to Sign Power? Or 40% to attack power? They are important. In my build there would be additional 120% Sign Power and +30% attack power… This is a huge difference

  14. W

    Almost what I am using right now with Cat Gear + 3 runes in each sword for +15% sign intensity wichever i use as well as 3 glyphs for aard in armor and 4 glyphs for igni in armor.

    Lots and lots of adrenaline, as well as very powerful aard (aoe knockdown ftw) and igni that always puts on fire. Can spam these 2 pretty much as well as quen due to adrenaline. Makes geralt into a vicious spellsword. Mutagens 2x red 2x blue

  15. T

    Here’s what Im looking at based on rating analysis on another site, coupled with fresh re-start of game as not happy combat-wise early on – requires too much defensive play, and I want to finish fights quicker.

    Only need 50 points (this calculator) to hit the top skills, so room for a few odds and ends along the way, but aiming for Quen/Axii first as battle survivability with girly combat vs mob mentality mobs is a bitch at best; light armour for practicality reasons (very few bits of heavy armour in a medieval RPG? meh, ill stick with the readily available simple stuff and miss harvesting dragon bones)
    Incidentally, I love the defensive play in boss fights – makes perfect sense, but turning every fight into a boss fight a bad move IMHO

  16. My mastercrafted feline armor build can anyone help me? Make my character better.

    1. K

      looks like you’re hitting lvl 70 pretty soon

  17. C
    This is my light armor build. It suits a swift playstile with an excessive use of alchemy (which i am a great fan of) and the Quen sign (you dont need to invest points enhancing Quen because it blocks one griffins or cyclops or whatever strong monsters attack as it is). I recommend acquiring the red perks first and mixing them with some powerful white-coloured ones until you have the right mutagens (greater red mutagens) to trigger the bonus you get when using all red talents. Most of the time i also use the Axii puppet-skill which can help you a lot in dialogs; though in difficult fights there is obviously no need for it.
    Let me know what you think of my build and have fun 🙂

    1. K
      Kramit The Frog

      Focused on outsurviving opponents rather than dealing massive sword damage. Vs humans is Axii instakills. Vs monsters is lead with a flurry of cluster bombs and clean up with your sword.

  18. P

    This is the build I’m going for when I can equip mastercrafted wolven armor:

    Allow me to explain it’s awesomeness. First of all, everybody has it’s own way of playing, and I respect that, but as far as combat goes, I like using sign’s utilities to render the enemy useless and set up hard attacks. That is why my build turned out this way.
    Additional requirements besides wolven armor is 7 10% Yrden armor runes, and 6 veles runes (sign intensity for the weapon). I usually slot a superior blizzard and superior maribor forest potion. Bombs and crossbow are as preference dictates.

    The idea: Yrden is a sign which at first doesn’t help much, but with a high sign intensity, and when you can lay 2 traps, you basically mark a whole area as a killzone. Once the enemy is trapped in the zone at roughly 70% speed reduction, you can cast an alternate yrden and just hack away while they spasm or watch them scream and burn at your mercy with igni.
    If an enemy requires more damage input (ie high health), the following strategy applies. After your yrden, pop a superior blizzard and 2 maribor forests (you have tons of toxicity anyway, you can even pop a decoction if you like). Congratulations. You are now ridiculously fast as opposed to the enemy and have infinite stamina, due to having 3 adrenaline points. So feel free to 1) cast an igni to melt the armor, whirl infinitely due to no stamina usage, or when you get bored of that, hard attack to increase the enemy’s damage resistance by 25 and then Rend the shit out of it.

    I really like this build because it allows for the full spectrum of the most useful signs to be used (axii is really great as well, but if I have to choose 2… it’s high intensity yrden and the flamethrower) (and yes, no quen, by the end I wasn’t using that anyway, and IF i have to heal mid-fight, I just use a superior white rafford’s decoction) and while the enemy is disabled, I have free game to hit them in a plethora of ways due to combat moves. AND I can use a lot of potions/decoctions to boot.

    This build really makes me feel like a bad-ass witcher, who is prepared for anything, and has a range of tools at his disposal.

  19. C
    Cat School

    Speed, berzerker melee. Designed for Swallow and Thunderbolt combo to go in and butcher. Use Aard for quick kills and Axii to gain allies for the slaughter. It took 77 skill points to make so you would have to visit a lot of places of power and be high level for this to be feasible. At that point not much can fuck with you anyways.

  20. K

    This gets you damage output around 8k on critical heavy attack, by the end of the game youre able to us 2 decoctions at the same time and some potions (mine current toxicity is around 240) additional dialoge options with quen and i like the stream of fire… im lvl 37 + places of power skill points .. also with right chosen decoction you can boos vitality regen by casting signs

    1. K

      * dialogue options with axii (sorry)

  21. G

    If I choose decoctions build isn’t it hard to find mutagens e.g how many griffins or archgriffins are in the game ans so on.

    1. A

      well i was able to collect every mutagen needed for any decoction, i think i didnt get the doppler mutagen because of the quest choice otherwise no problem, just make sure you do every monster contract and you should be fine

  22. M
    Max Kelly

    does the counterattack skill increase the damage of all X attacks for the next attack? meaning if I used Whirl or Igni would it still work on all of the attacks? Does anyone know?

    1. T

      I’m 95% sure that it only applies to the next sword attack. So Igni won’t apply counterattack skill buff, and for Whirl it’d be the first target struck. Possibly Whirl doesn’t work with it either, might have to be regular strong/fast attack.

  23. T

    This is a Sign-Alchemy hybrid build, ending with 6 skills in each. It’s the most OP build I know of. You only need 52 skill points to complete the entire thing, so potentially you’re complete at level 27 (+25 place of power points), but you can run with Heightened Tolerance before you get Side Effect and have the full 12 skills at 47 points too. Get your sign skills first and play like a mage, then get your alchemy skills to become exponentially stronger. I recommend using the Griffin set to double down on your sign dominance.

    These are the highlights of this build.
    TANKINESS – Your toxicity is massive so you can run double decoctions as well as chug potions. Your vitality is through the roof from synergy skill + green mutagens and Tissue adaptation skill, and refreshment skill means you heal 25% vitality instantly every time you swig a potion. To top it all off, your Quen active shield will also heal you when hit and basically you’re officially impossible to kill.
    TONS OF DAMAGE: Your oils give you 15% chance to apply poison with sword strike which helps with high vitality opponents, if you feel like swinging swords that is… Signs is where your real power is at. Your sign intensity will be massive considering your griffin gear, synergized blue mutagens, and large toxicity pool allows you to consume sign and stamina potions/decoctions. Use Yrden to place 2 slow zones and an alternate Yrden to deal tons of damage and knock back aggressors. Use your Igni firestream to melt the face off anything. Use Aard to knock down humans and instagib them while they lie on the ground for days. Nothing can stand in your way and you have many choices on how to do it.

    CONS: Playing around Yrden means you like to control the battlefield and set up your fights but the game doesn’t always allow you to do this, so getting your kill ball rolling can be difficult at times – remember that Aard also makes great crowd control to get you some breathing room, and if you don’t like Yrden, get Aard Sweep instead + Igni intensity (this build has 2 Yrden related skill slots). I haven’t tried this on Death March but perhaps on DM you would want to rush for refreshment skill ASAP after Quen active shield for the sustain, though IMO all you need is Quen Active since it’s free healing really.

  24. T

    To put some numbers with the above build, you can expect with Superior Griffin gear at level 30:
    10K+ vitality
    500%+ sign intensity
    ~235 toxicity (depends on your diligence in finding formulae)
    140%+ Yrden slow, 60s+ duration
    1200+ Quen shield (!!!)
    600+ Igni

  25. G

    Hey I’m looking for advice how to complete my skill set. I use wolf gear, mastercrafted. This build does not aim to be super powerful, but to support my way of playing. A lot of fast attacks, whirling, dodging, a lot of signs. For normal fights I don’t really use any alchemy, in witcher contracts or against strong monsters I use Ekhidna Decoction, Water Hag Decoction and Tawny Owl, if I have enough time to prepare also oil. So this is a very stamina intensive build I would say.

    What ability should I use to fill the last slot? I was thinking of another sign skill to further increase stamina regen, but this would mean 3 colors in the 4th group. Maybe another alchemy skill would be good? But I can’t think of one.

  26. V

    @Gin maybe u need to considerate the skill flood of anger because you waste points on signs for nothing and swap your points from strength training to resolve to keep your adrenaline points safe fleet foot is not worth it at all the dodging is not really working and not very usefull i think the build may be better with 5 muscle memory/ 5 precise blows / 5 resolve / 5 undying / 5 razor focus / 5 flood of anger /5 crippling strikes /5 wirl / 1 griffin techniques /1 focus/ last one of your choice

    1. G

      Thanks for your feedback, but this is a completly new build. I don’t feel that I am wasting my points in the sign tree, since I cast signs a lot. Delusion is great for the RP part, Quen is (imho) absolutly necessary on higher difficulties. Igni is also very cool, but I would understand if somebody labels it unnecessary.
      Fleet foot does work (imho). I started late with Witcher 3 with already a few bugfixes out, so maybe this is where our different views on that come from?

  27. Im playing on deathmarch as of patch 1.08… This build is sign only, and Im cheesing my way through the game… A lot of reduntant skills actually, 1. Anyone not resistant to Ignii is as good as dead, 2. Anyone resistant to Ignii isnt resistant to Yrden… 3. Have only played to the mission missing persons, but am finding this build to be terribly OP… 4. If you lose health, you just spam Quen. 5. I am of course using griffin gear which most of the gamers seem to hate, but I find it to be pretty cool even if Ursine looks cooler… Will upgrade to Wolf once I arrive at Kaer Morhen… Have to wait if there are any opponents that are actually a challenge, only had a bit of a trouble against Gaytan… But didnt use axii on him that much… Anyhow I suggest witcher gameplay guy on youtube, he kicks ass in advice about this game, so check him out on youtube… Pavle, hvala ti na ovom odličnom kalkulatoru, stvarno se čovjek može dobro zabaviti! 😀 Greetings to all people playing this ultra cool game, probably the best RPG of all time, and believe me this is coming from a veteran RPG-player!!!

  28. J
    John McCorcle

    Can I get some feedback on my current build at Level 13 (about to hit 14), please? With my mutagens, I currently have Sign Intensity at 40% and Attack Power at 20%. I’ve found Igni to be pretty useless thus far and am considering scrapping my build and putting points elsewhere. Also, I’m loaded with Griffin Gear (armor and weapons), so I wished I had chosen Griffin School Techniques rather than Cat School Techniques, so that’s kinda of a wasted build point. Anything else?

  29. 6

    i’m not seeing those versatile builds soo to share my thoghts with you…
    that is going to me my “earlly-mid” game build.Then late game change yelow for something else and keep on changing the other’s for stronger skills in the tree
    BTW there is a problem with the link and you can’t see 10 11 and 12 slots (they had the alternate sign mode of aard quen and axii)

    Best game ever <3.<3

  30. D

    been playing again.. cause this game is awesome.. here’s my new build on deathmarch difficulty.. _2_4%7C6xsign_2_1%7C7xcombat_1_2%7C8xcombat_2_2%7C9xcombat_3_2%7C10xcombat_1_1%7C11xcombat_3_5%7C12xcombat_4_1

    slot 11 MUSCLE MEMORY
    slot 12 RAZOR FOCUS

  31. B

    Blade Freak Build

    With the right oil on your weapon you’re a crazed juggernaut that chugs Thunderbolt, takes 30% less damage, has crazy health and attack power from mutagens, and shreds people with light attacks that crit 50% of the time for an extra 100% damage.

  32. I am using the sign build. It will make death march a piece of cake.

  33. J

    At Level 18.. thoughts?

  34. J

    DPS Tank – Total of 67 points (best used with new enchanting)

    Greater Red – Slots 1-3 (Effect +60% Attack Power)
    Greater Red – Slots 4-6 (Effect +60% Attack Power)
    Greater Green – Slots 7-9 (Effect +900 HP)
    Greater Green – Slots 10-12 (Effect +675 HP)

    Ursine weapons – Severance (enchant) on both – (increases range of Whirl by 1.1 yard and Rend by 1.9 yards)
    Ursine armor – Levity (enchant) on chest – (makes all armor treated as light armor) 4 sockets in rest of the gear – plus 3 Vitality in each (4 sockets for total of plus 12 vitality regeneration)

    Nightwraith – vitality boost with each kill (last till meditate or travel)
    Katakan- increase crit hit chance
    Ekimmara – damage dealt regens vitality

    Superior Blizzard – max adrenaline points = actions don’t use stamina (free Whirl spamming)
    Superior Thunderbolt – increase Attack Power & 100% crit hit chance during storms
    Superior White Raffards – restores all vitality and immune to damage for (3-5 secs) or short duration

    As food – Superior Swallow (vitality regen’s like food during combat)
    Against poison – Superior Golden Oriole (poison heals instead of doing damage)
    Against Vamps & Necs – Superior Black Blood (bleeding effect when near you & damage to you knocks them back)

    Use appropriate oils = massive dps (poison effect is around 900 to 1800 per tick)

    1. J

      10 – Synergy
      11 – Hunter Instinct
      12 – Cat school Techniques

  35. R
    This is a fast attack based build along with sign support for protection, extra damage, crowd control and easy stuns.
    Designed more for high levels; would work well for NG+.
    To optimize, use greater mutagens with matching colors in each slot and equip armor with greater glyphs for Yrden and Quen.

  36. G
    Garelt of zotopia
    Hvae been strugling abit withwith build although with bosses i can get good damage but gainst human specially large numbers i go down easily , in this moment i am using master crafted cat school gear with viper school swords and thinking to change due to the new blood and wine dlc , silver 2698 dps, steel 1943 , armour 432. Plz help/suggest if you have better build , btw i i like melee more then signs.

    1. A
      Anonymous Fencing Coach

      You have the most important skill: Fleet Footed. Dodge until you see an opening and counterattack.
      If you hold block after the first parry, you’ll parry or block further attacks from other enemies too. Might be a viable tool in groups, I usually dodge instead.
      Whirl has its uses but tends to get countered by humans after a few strikes, leaving you open, so use cautiously.
      I recommend taking:
      Rend – Really fantastic for bashing through shields/blocking weapons. (Rend ignores blocks/parries/monster spines, not armor/resistances) Pair with the strong critical passive to take advantage of its bonus crit chance.
      Quen Active Shield – Provides healing/defense, and in tandem with Exploding can stagger enemies to create a good opening for sword attacks.
      Acquired Tolerance – Greatly opens up your decoction / potion options.

  37. I
    Intelligent bear
    10 – Undying.
    11 – Resolve (or Refreshment, but only if you don’t use Undying)
    12 – Bear school Tehniques.(only for bears)
    In NG+ move 1,2,3,4 => 13,14,15,16 and add Exploding Shield(1), Quen intensity(2), Quen discharge(3), Fast Metabolism(4).
    Perma quen and crazy health = undying geralt.
    This build for bears, humans don’t use this build. ROAR!

    1. B

      This is, perhaps, the most common build like that, even described on the wiki.
      Most common variances are Fleet Footed / Undying and Heightened Tolerance / Poisoned Blades. Follow-ups vary significantly though.

      Does Fast Metabolism have any real use though? Builds that rely on sipping potions like mad usually benefit from high toxicity, so it’s not like you want it down ASAP. With longer durations from high Alchemy investment you don’t also need to drink them too much.

  38. B

    Will this amazing tool be updated to include B&W features?

  39. R

    I was wondering how this build would work around by time leveling up, so if any advice?? considering that i already maxed out two combat abilities (strength training & resolve ) and used one on general ability ( adrenaline burst) …

  40. L

    This is the build as close to resembling a pirate spec that I could make. The combat would probably be a bit disjointed with integrating bombs and crossbow into combat but that is why the time slowed down perks are crucial. The bomb talents are extremely fun the wreak havoc with groups of monsters. I hope to use this on the 2nd and 3rd difficulty levels, and if you are too squishy you can swap in the perk that heals you every time you take a potion. I wont focus on a particular type of armor because I want to just look cool! So let me know if there are any armor sets that synergise with this build.

  41. K
    Kayvan Boroumand

    In my mind this seems like a very standard build. I think this is especially the case when all the 4 green ones and are put into the center column (with the 2nd expansion) and replaced by all the secondary magic skills (Muscle Memory would be taken away also).

  42. T

    Can anyone help me find a good build combining tank/strong attacks and signs? I am used to using mostly quick attack to pretty much stun lock most enemies and I want to try something different. Any suggestions?

  43. P

    Here almost 2018, I come back again for this fantastic game

    My Fast Attack // Cat School gear build (Use Ursine Sword to max CRIT)

    – Delusion and Puppet are debatable. You may change to Yrden or Quen or Alchemy instead (Posion Oil // Overcoating) // Tolerance if you plan to use many decoctions
    – The last slot is reserved for Battle Frenzy (New general skill) to maximize Crit potential (it works well once you have superior Ursine Sword)

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