The Witcher 3 Mutagens

Mutagens are special items in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, genetic material obtained by killing monsters. They can either be used to improve you character through:
  • Scaling with active skills; or
  • Being the main ingredient in mutagen decoctions.
In this guide, we’re going to list all Witcher 3 mutagens, where to find them and what bonuses you’ll get for equipping them.

mutagens guide
If you equip a mutagen, it will give you a bonus to one of your attributes.
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If you then pair the mutagen with up to three active skills of the same color, it will multiply the bonus. Every skill you pair with the mutagen will increase its efficiency by 100%.

For example, if your is green and gives you 150 Vitality, you can pair it with an alchemy skill, after which it will give you 300 Vitality. If you pair it with three alchemy skills, it will grant you an amazing 600 additional Vitality.

Are Mutagens Permanent?

No. You can switch them at will in order to adapt to the situation at hand. If you develop your character in such a way that you can jump between playing styles when need be, you should keep a couple of different mutagens handy, too. The same goes for mutagens of the same color, but with different effects. Carry a few of them with you so you can always shake things up.

Mutagens List

NameEffectHow To Obtain
Lesser Blue MutagenSign intensity +5%Harpies, Nekkers, Endrega Worker, Harpies sometimes drop them
Blue MutagenSign intensity +7%Combine three lesser blue mutagens
Greater Blue MutagenSign intensity +10%Combine three blue mutagens
Lesser Green MutagenVitality +50Nekkers, Endrega Worker, Endrega Warrior, Harpies sometimes drop them
Green MutagenVitality +100Combine three lesser green mutagens
Greater Green MutagenVitality +150Combine three green mutagens
Lesser Red MutagenAttack power +5%Nekkers, Endrega Warrior sometimes drop them
Red MutagenAttack power +7%Combine three lesser red mutagens
Greater Red MutagenAttack power +10%Combine three red mutagens
Wraith MutagenVitality +50Wraiths sometimes drop them
Noonwraith MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Noonwraith (Contract: Devil by The Well)
Nightwraith MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Nightwraith
Griffin MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Griffin (The Beast Of White Orchard quest)
Archgriffin MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Archgriffin
Werewolf MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Werewolf
Leshen MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Leshen
Nekker Warrior MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Nekker Warrior
Basilisk MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Basilisk
Ancient Leshen MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Ancient Leshen
Ekhidna MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Ekhidna
Earth Elemental MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Earth Elemental
Grave Hag MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Grave Hag
Water Hag MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Water Hag
Forktail MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Forktail
Foglet MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Foglet
Greater Foglet MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Greater Foglet
Wyvern MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Wyvern
Doppler MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Doppler
Troll MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Troll
Succubus MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Succubus
Fiend MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Fiend
Chort MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Chort
Ekimmara MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Ekimmara
Cockatrice MutagenSign intensity +5%Defeat the Cockatrice
Arachas MutagenVitality +50Defeat the Arachas
Katakan MutagenAttack power +5%Defeat the Katakan
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  1. K

    I picked up a water hag mutagen today that did 5% attack power too
    And Nekker’s drop lesser blue mutagens for fun!

  2. J

    I collected the lesser green mutagen last night from a dead Nekker.

  3. C
    Corey Ammons

    I got lesser red from endrega workers

  4. Z
    Zack Murphy

    Yep I’ve picked up two lesser blue mutagens from Nekkers 🙂

  5. E

    i picked 9 lesser lesser red mutagen froms L16 fiend I have about 25-30% I think, killed many times XD

  6. E

    Nekkers have dropped green/blue lesser mutagens, Endrega have dropped all three colours ( green/blue lesser worker, green/red lesser warrior ), Harpies have dropped green blue lesser.

  7. C

    By the blooming End game it has Mutagens coming out of every orifice. Except red ones. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU

  8. C

    the devil by the well didn’t give me a mutagen

  9. N

    Can i combine various red mutagens with eachother? or is it only “lesser red” ?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You can combine lesser red into red mutagen and red mutagens into greater red

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