TW3 Wild Hunt No Mans Land Place of Power

The next platform gives you a clear sight toward the Place of Power.


  1. T

    How do you get out of that place?

  2. G

    I went in and couldnt get out. any tips?

    1. There is a way out through this cave you see on the picture, it’s a bit long though…

  3. T

    So you lead us into a place with no obvious way out. Cheers. My advice; look for a third way with the Cat potion in the cave on the pic as said, in the room with many bones, follow that path, you’ll find a chest with the forgotten yvran sword too (or however its called)

  4. J

    There is a way out. After you grab the power source. trek your way back towards the lower pond with the treasure chest containing the Mahakaman Steel sword. Just like how you came in, You can use the surroundings to climb your way out. It isnt easy, but with enough spamming of the climb action and rolling, you can easily make your way back to shoreline. Cheers ^ ^

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