Velen Place Of Power | The Witcher 3

Places of Power are ancient shrines in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Visiting each of them for the first time will grant you an ability point, while subsequent visits give you temporary boosts to your sign intensity.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all the places of power in Velen, the game’s central region – also known as No Man’s Land. We also have a guide on White Orchard Place Of Power locations, if you’re not in Velen yet.

Places Of Power in Velen – No Man’s Land

Velen is the largest part of the Witcher 3 map, the area where you’ll find the largest number of Places of Power. If you ever find yourself not knowing how to spend those newly earned skill points, be sure to check out our skill calculator.

1.Ancient Oak30-minute boost to your Igni sign.

Just before the entrance to Whispering Hillock Cave, guarded by a Werewolf, level 8. You’ll need to do a bit of climbing here, but not too much.
2.Downwarren30-minute boost to your Yrden sign.

This place of power is located on the top of the mountain. If you approach it from the south, you should be able to see a climbing spot. This is where you can start ascending. Roach doesn’t like climbing and you’ll have to leave him behind. Don’t forget to loot the nearby place for Enhanced Saddle (25 Stamina).
3.Bald Mountain30-minute boost to your Quen sign.

This one is rather tricky to obtain. One of the paths toward the Place of Power starts from west, near the shore. This path, like many others, can lead to a locked door. If you don’t have the appropriate quest for opening the door (I am still not aware which one it is), you can jump over it using the nearby stones. This will take you to a platform from where you’ll be able to spot the power stone. P.S. This is clearly not intended to work like this, but it worked for me.
4.Southern Velen30-minute boost to your Aard sign.

This is one of the easiest and not-so-well hidden Places of Power. Although there are two guarded treasures nearby, I’ve been able to gain one ability point from this stone without alerting any creatures.
4.South-western Velen – Byways30-minute boost to your Yrden sign.

You can only get to this one during the Magic Lamp quest. Keira will lead you into the underground tunnels, where you’ll find this stone. It’s hard to miss – it’s in a narrow corridor, glowing purple.
5.Western Velen – Lornruk30-minute boost to your Quen sign.

Just beside the lonely ruined castle of Lornruk. You have to go down the nearby, tall hills. This place of power is just next to the castle’s underwater entrance.