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Places of Power are ancient shrines in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Visiting each of them for the first time will grant you an ability point, while subsequent visits give you temporary boosts to your sign intensity.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all the places of power in Velen, the game’s central region – also known as No Man’s Land. We also have a guide on White Orchard Place Of Power locations, if you’re not in Velen yet.

Places Of Power in Velen – No Man’s Land

Velen is the largest part of the Witcher 3 map, the area where you’ll find the largest number of Places of Power. If you ever find yourself not knowing how to spend those newly earned skill points, be sure to check out our skill calculator.

1.Ancient Oak30-minute boost to your Igni sign.

Just before the entrance to Whispering Hillock Cave, guarded by a Werewolf, level 8. You’ll need to do a bit of climbing here, but not too much.
2.Downwarren30-minute boost to your Yrden sign.

This place of power is located on the top of the mountain. If you approach it from the south, you should be able to see a climbing spot. This is where you can start ascending. Roach doesn’t like climbing and you’ll have to leave him behind. Don’t forget to loot the nearby place for Enhanced Saddle (25 Stamina).
3.Bald Mountain30-minute boost to your Quen sign.

This one is rather tricky to obtain. One of the paths toward the Place of Power starts from west, near the shore. This path, like many others, can lead to a locked door. If you don’t have the appropriate quest for opening the door (I am still not aware which one it is), you can jump over it using the nearby stones. This will take you to a platform from where you’ll be able to spot the power stone. P.S. This is clearly not intended to work like this, but it worked for me.
4.Southern Velen30-minute boost to your Aard sign.

This is one of the easiest and not-so-well hidden Places of Power. Although there are two guarded treasures nearby, I’ve been able to gain one ability point from this stone without alerting any creatures.
4.South-western Velen – Byways30-minute boost to your Yrden sign.

You can only get to this one during the Magic Lamp quest. Keira will lead you into the underground tunnels, where you’ll find this stone. It’s hard to miss – it’s in a narrow corridor, glowing purple.
5.Western Velen – Lornruk30-minute boost to your Quen sign.

Just beside the lonely ruined castle of Lornruk. You have to go down the nearby, tall hills. This place of power is just next to the castle’s underwater entrance.




  1. C

    How do you get back down from bald mountain without the key? (number 3)

    1. I was able to slide down from one side of the mountain.

    2. I

      I’ve found the cave that led to the closed door and in some part of it (just wander around it), there was a circular hole with water down below. Jump there and follow the only path. If you get lost, search around for a ledge to climb on. You’ll find a cauldron, then another hole with water. Drink an Orca potion (you could do without it, but the timing will be pretty tight) and follow the underwater path. There will be a couple of drowners and a chest with some useless stuff. At the end of the path you’ll finally be able to go wherever you please.

    3. B

      Or just walk out of the small valley to the edge of the map and fast travel to anywhere you’d like…

  2. D

    That was kind of a nightmare. I had to find the one spot that would not instant kill me. In the small valley area you drop in to, the side near the ocean as a small ledge. There is a chest near it. I had to skip around on the rocks until I could get on top of that. Coming at it from an angle seemed to help. Once on it you can walk down to the drop off. If you slide down you will fall into a blood pool and die. Facing out over the ledge I jumped to the rock cropping to the left of the very ledge. From here I was able to get back down into to the village and get back to the ocean.

    1. S

      you know there was a cave right beside the PoP?
      it was weird because it’s obviously part of a quest, and I was walking back through areas that were prolly supposed to have enemies spawned in them
      in the end I managed to get out through an underwater channel

      1. G

        That was a lifesaver! I tried getting down via the cliff sides like Donkusai said and couldn’t get it to work. If you go back to the tunnel, where the quest line supposedly comes from (the one with the locked door), once you enter the cave and drop down into one of the areas, to the immediate right is another jump up ledge that will lead you through a natural exit. Do not take the one on the left as it leads to the locked door. You drop down a waterfall and can eventually swim out and exit near the village.

  3. T

    Is there ANY way to get the Yrden place of Power? I must have missed it during the Keira Quest :/

    1. J

      go to the exit of the keira dungeon, you can go back there any time and there is also another golem to battle 😀

      1. L

        I am in the same boat, where is the exit?

        1. S

          I also don’t know how to find it ;(

          1. A

            It’s approximately where the ship is located on the map. Just go along the coast and you should be able to find it.

  4. O

    Easy way down the mountain is to follow one of the paths. you will reach a hole in the ground, jump down it and you will go through a room with red water which leads to an underwater tunnel that leads you out. One path goes to a door one goes to the top and another one has a drop somewhere. that’s the easiest way down. After 10 insta kills I found this way.

  5. I

    You can get Place #4 on this list if you miss it by going along the coast and finding the exit to the cave and going back in. You can also get the golem again if you revisit the cave if you need a golem heart for the blizzard potion.

  6. D

    Just saying but there are many more Places of Power than what you guys have shown. Some are even in Kaer Morhen as well as in the ‘other worlds’.

    1. V

      ” velen-place-of-power ” velen. velen. velen. how did that go over your head?

  7. S

    Hey guys can someone explain me how to climb up on Bald Mountain i finished everything there but i was unable to find route to the top. Thanks

    1. M

      You have to follow the main story, there will be a battle at that place towards the end of the game

      1. S

        Hey i found a shortcut i was able to jump over from the left side of gates 😀 But thanks anyway 🙂

  8. M
    mike willis

    Wouldn’t it be easier if he just did a YouTube video?

  9. K
    Kiara Da Cruz

    There are two more place of Power that i found…. One near the Horse races nearby Vegelbud Residence and Another one near the temple of Fire..

    1. J
      James Watt

      that’s novigrad

  10. K

    You can access the place of power in elven ruins in velen – just the entrance is directly south of the mark – on the lake shore –

  11. F

    Can someone tell me how to get over that door at bald mountain cause I am having problems with navigating it. And does anybody know how to get that one place of power that you can’t get if you fail the magic lamp quest cause I found the exit and the door was sealed when I went the other way.

    1. J
      john john

      fionn if you chose not to help keira get the lamp, you wont have solved the puzzle which lights the green fire which means you can’t get that one.

    2. J
      john john

      you cant get the place of power if you didn’t help keira get the lamp. because you wont have solved the pzzle that lights the green fire, which means the door will be sealed.

  12. S

    I just wanted to point out that that you listed two different places of power as No. 4. Here are the culprits:
    “4. Southern Velen”
    “4. South-western Velen – Byways”

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