Greenhouse Color Separation Puzzle Solutions - Bunker Trophy

Bunker Trophy in The Witness is obtained by completing all the puzzles and activating the laser beam in a little Greenhouse bunker found at the bottom east part of the island’s huge mountain. The greenhouse is filled with flowers of different color and therefore color plays a huge part in solving the bunker puzzles.
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In this guide we’ll show you the solutions to all the puzzles in the bunker and how we arrived to them. Usually we give the logic behind the puzzle so you may stop reading and resolve the puzzles yourself, and if you’re absolutely stuck you can use our screenshots to get the final solution. If you found this guide helpful and are looking for help to solve more The Witness Puzzles check out our All The Witness Puzzle Solutions Mega Guide.


Greenhouse Color Separation Puzzles

The first puzzle is found on the door of the bunker. You have 4 black and white dots and the point is to have all the squares with different colors separated from each other. This is similar to black/white dot puzzle you probably encountered before near the entry area of the game. Once inside you will see panel with different panel dots. Many colorful flowers might distract you and lead you into thinking that have something with the solution of the puzzle panels, but in fact the principle is the same – separate different colored dots with the line you’re drawing in the maze. You will soon have to deal with three, four or more colors on one panel. As soon as you unlock the door to the room behind the yellow glass, you’ll realize that there are too many colors for you to separate them into groups with the present maze. Inside that room is a blue glass panel (in the middle). If you look at it closely you’ll see the flowers behind it change color from their “real” color when you are looking through the panel. This is the hint to help you solve the puzzles in that room. For the first puzzle look through the yellow glass outside the room. For the second puzzle use the blue glass panel inside the room, and for the third use both colored glass walls. Go outside the room to find the right angle to see the proper way to solve it.

Bunker Elevator – Puzzle Solutions

Once you reach the first floor you will notice that the lightning is of different color and soon enough you will have to use an elevator that takes you up and out of the bunker. To use the elevator you have to solve a puzzle in it. Each floor has a room with different colored lightning. This changes the puzzle solution in the elevator. They are pretty easy, but once you get to the third floor you’ll notice that the power line for the next floor is broken. Now you have to figure out what is happening with the dots on the puzzle panel when they are illuminated by the green light. My reasoning (and I might be wrong here and I just got lucky) was that the central two blue dots become red and green dots remain green and pale dots become green as well, so I separated out the two blue dots. That worked for me and I got to the top where I solved the final puzzle to activate the laser beam and unlock the Bunker trophy.

Greenhouse Bunker Secrets

I managed to come across a secret here and I am sure there are more to be found, but I’ll update the guide once I do find them. The trick is in the elevator and that floor where the power cord is broken. Since the power cord is broken you are actually attempting to skip that 3rd floor and solve the puzzle so you reach the 4th. Once you do that do not ride the elevator all to the 4th floor,, but rather jump out of it in the green room. The elevator will make a clunking sound and stop. You should go to the window looking at the outside and you should see a flower bed that looks strangely like one of the puzzle mazes. Trace the route and you will activate a black obelisk near the other edge of the mountain.

bunker greenhouse secret puzzle location solution black obelisk activation

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