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witness quarry area

The Witness Quarry Puzzle Solutions

The Quarry area is next to the Logging – Orange Trees area, and represents a compilation of different types of puzzles that can be found…

The Witness Desert Ruins Puzzle Solutions

Desert Ruin Puzzle Solutions

Desert Ruin Puzzle Solutions guide will help you with screenshots and description to solve light related puzzles found in the northwest corner of the Witness’…

the witness pink tree puzzle

Pink Trees Puzzle Solutions

Once you complete Black and White Dot type of puzzles on blue and green panels, go straight ahead and you’ll come across an orchard of…

the witness walkthrough guide

The Witness All Puzzles Walkthrough

The Witness is a puzzle game set on a deserted island. You are alone out there, with nothing but over 600 puzzles to keep you…

symmetry island laser unlocked the witness

Symmetry Puzzle Solutions Guide

Symmetry based puzzles are first introduced to the player once you reach the shore near the entry area of The Witness. As soon as you…

The Witness black and white squares puzzles

Black and White Dot Puzzle Solutions

As soon as you leave the starting fort/garden of The Witness you will be introduced to a new type of puzzles that involve squares with…