WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot - Ammo Crate Location

Ammo for Rumbleshot is a quest in World of Warcraft Classic. It takes place in Dun Morogh, and in order to complete it, you’ll have to find a crate of ammunition and bring it to Hegnar Rumbleshot. Since there are no map markers, you might have trouble finding both the crate and the NPC that requires it. This guide is going to help you complete WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot quest by showing you both locations.

wow classic ammo for rumbleshot quest
WoW Classic Ammo for Rumbleshot – Ammo Crate Location

You’ll start the quest by talking to Loslor Rudge at Steelgrill’s Depot. He’ll tell you about the merchant selling weapons on the side of the road to Anvilmar, and how he’s in constant need of ammo because people practice near his shop. The last shipment he sent got lost near Grizzled Den because his courier was chased off by a Wendigo, and he wants you to find the crate.

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Where to find ammo crate in Ammo for Rumbleshot quest

The crate is located in the Grizzled Den, southwest from Kharanos. Follow the road south and turn west after the first ridge. Follow the mountain until you reach an empty camp. If you check out the tent, you’ll see a wooden crate next to it. Open it, and you’ll find the ammo inside. If you’re using an add-on that shows coordinates, head to 44,56.

Once you’ve got it, you still have to turn it in, which means finding Hegnar Rumbleshot. As per the description, the weapon merchant is in Dun Morogh. He’s easier to find than the crate – his shop is on the side of the road between Coldridge Valley and Kharanos. The coordinates are 40,65.

Once you’ve completed the quest, make sure you follow the shooters to the practice range and stay for the show. It might not make you laugh out loud, but it should elicit a chuckle at least. It’s a nice addition to the 1 silver and 25 copper you’ll get, along with 500 XP and 100 to both your reputations with Ironforge and the Gnomeregan exiles.

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