WoW Classic Lost in Battle - Mankrik's Wife Location

There are many memorable moments in classic World of Warcraft, but one stands out for Horde players, and that is finding Mankrik’s Wife for Lost in Battle quest. If you ever played horde before the Cataclysm all you would ever hear in Barrens chat is: “Where is Mankrik’s Wife?”. It became a meme before memes were even a thing. Players used to answer to everything in-game by saying things like “Mankrik’s Wife took it” or “find it next to Mankrik’s Wife”. They would give false directions and send newbies on a wild goose chases all over Azeroth. To begin our coverage of WoW Classic I thought it only appropriate to start with this quest. Look at the map below to find Mankrik’s Wife and not wonder around for ages.

wow classic lost in battle quest
WoW Classic Lost in Battle – Mankrik’s Wife Location

Where is Mankrik’s Wife Location?

She is located quite far to the south of Mankrik. That is the main thing that confused players. You get this quest with recommended level being 20 and you being around 14. You think, this will give me good XP and start looking, but she is nowhere to be found. The trick was to walk far south from where you got the quest. I am talking about going past half way to Camp Taurajo. What makes things even more difficult is that you will just come across a Beaten Corpse. Many players missed it because they did not think that was Mankrik’s Wife. Your goal is to find a Beaten Corpse next to a couple of huts close to a small bridge that passes over a dried up river in the plains. Just follow the main barrens road from Crossroads to the south and then you should see it.

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If you have a mod that shows your current coordinates go to 49,50. She is lying next to the entrance into the bigger of the two white tents on the west side of the road. Marked as a level 16 Beaten Corpse. Right click on it to inspect it and return to Mankrik with sad news. You’ll get 1,150 experience and some Orgrimmar reputation.

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