WoW Classic How To Download & Install Add-Ons

WoW Classic add-ons are used to customize your interface and add helpful features to the game. There’s a whole bunch of them, and they can improve the map by giving you coordinates and quest markers, display additional info that’s normally obscured, and more. Pretty much everyone uses them. If you’re wondering how to install add-ons in WoW Classic, this guide will explain everything.

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wow classic how to download install add-ons
WoW Classic How To Install Add-Ons

The default way of installing add-ons is by downloading them from a website that hosts them, then copying the contents of the archive into a specific folder. That folder is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns. Of course, if you’ve used another install path or drive, make sure to look in the right place. Also, make sure there are no nested folders (addon_name_version\addon_name, or something similar).

Install add-ons with the Twitch client

If you’re using the Twitch client, you can install add-ons there as well. Open it up, then go to the mods tab and select World of Warcraft. You can choose WoW Classic from the drop down menu afterwards, but the client still might show you retail add-ons. Make sure you include the word “classic” in any searches you make. The easy install is nice, but the best feature of this method are the automatic updates.

How to download & where to find add-ons

If you’re not using Twitch, you’re going to have to download the add-ons manually. There are several websites that host these, like this one or this one. They separate stuff by categories and have helpful rating systems, which will allow you to find the best stuff easily.

Once you’ve downloaded the archive, make sure to unpack it before you try putting it in the appropriate directory. If you want to update an existing add-on, simply copy and paste the folder, while letting it overwrite any old files.

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