WoW Classic Refugee's Quandary - Felix's Box, Chest & Bucket of Bolts Locations

Refugee’s Quandary is a quest in WoW Classic. You can start it by talking to Felix Whindlebolt in Anvilmar. He’ll tell you a sad story about a catastrophe that left his home irradiated, and ask you to get his tools and personal belongings from a bunch of trolls that stole them in the aftermath. You’ll have to find three items – Felix’s box, his chest and a bucket of bolts. If you’re having trouble finding them, our WoW Classic Refugee’s Quandary quest guide will help you.

wow classic refugees quandary quest
WoW Classic Refugee’s Quandary – Felix’s Box, Chest & Bucket of Bolts Location

To start the quest, simply go to the main hall at Anvilmar and look for a gnome with an exclamation mark above his head, to the left of the hearth. The thing with all three items is that whenever a player grabs one of them, they disappear for a couple of seconds. Since a lot of people are trying to complete this quest at the moment, you might have to wait your turn patiently for 5+ minutes to get a chance at the stuff.

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Where to find Felix’s Box

Felix’s box can be found in front of the troll hut to the southwest of the frozen lake, in the western part of Coldridge Valley. If you’re using an add-on that shows coordinates, go to 20,76.

Felix’s Chest location

The chest is located south of the box, in front of another troll hut near the place where the road ends. The coordinates are 22,79.

Where is Felix’s Bucket of Bolts

The bucket of bolts is near a prison of sorts, with cages around. You’ll find it east of the chest, next to a campfire. The coordinates are 26,79. This is the only place we found with an orderly queue instead of people just grabbing at the box at the same time.

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