How to Unlock Hero Characters in XCOM 2

Hero units are special soldiers in XCOM 2. They have amazing abilities and gear, but if you decide to use them, the game will block you from unlocking achievements.
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They’re insanely powerful, and will break the balance of the game if used. This guide will show you how to unlock all hero units in XCOM 2.

In order to unlock a hero, you’ll have to choose a soldier through the armory, then follow these steps:
  • Select Customize.
  • Choose Personal Info
  • Change first and last name.
  • Accept.

Sid Meier hero unlock in XCOM 2

how to unlock heroes in xcom 2Sid Meier is a legendary strategy game designer responsible for some of the most significant games from the early nineties. If you name a soldier after him, he’ll instantly become a high-level magus. He can use every psi power in the game, has has will and psi stats, and can singlehandedly destroy entire enemy squads.

Peter Van Doorn XCOM 2 hero unlock

hero soldier cheat van doornPeter Van Doorn is a fictional character from the first XCOM game. Changing a soldier’s name to his will summon him into XCOM 2. Here, he is a Colonel Ranger with an amazing movement range, great damage, skills specializing in sword fighting and some pretty cool equipment.

There’s bound to be more hero characters in the game, so we’ll update the guide when we find them. In case you’ve got a discovery of your own, feel free to share it in the comments.

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