XCOM 2 Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Firaxis have updated the Steam page for XCOM 2, the sequel to their critically acclaimed tactical alien fighting game. The page now contains info on preorder bonuses and future DLCs/Season Pass content.

xcom 2 preorder bonuses
There’s no price cut for preorders, and what you get for buying the game before it’s out is a pack of cosmetic items – bonus outfits, headgear, face paint.
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It will also unlock a survivor of the old war in the barracks at the beginning.

As for the DLC, there are 3 planned packs for now. The Season Pass contains all three, costs $20 and will be cheaper than buying them all separately.
  • Anarchy’s Children brings yet more customization, and is slated for spring 2016.
  • Alien Hunters actually adds something meaningful – some gameplay changes, Ruler aliens and a new chain of missions based around alien hunting.
  • Shen’s Last Gift adds a new soldier class with unique features and equipment, as well as a new quest chain.
XCOM 2 will launch on February 5th, on PC. Console releases haven’t been confirmed yet, but if the previous game is anything to go by, they won’t be far behind.

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