Dying Light The Following DLC Bounties Video Released

Techland have released a new video for The Following, Dying Light’s upcoming expansion. The trailer details Bounties, one of the new features that await inside the DLC.
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They are activities available once you’ve beaten the main game.

There will be three kinds of bounties available:
  • The first kind will track certain stats and reward you for increasing them – like the number of decapitated enemies, zombies killed or chases survived. You’ll be able to complete these while playing missions or messing about the open world.
  • The second kind are daily bounties. They will change every day, and include a task you need to perform. An example that was provided was climbing the tallest point in Harran.
  • The third kind are community bounties. The developers will think of a group challenge (like killing 1 million zombies) and a deadline. If the community succeeds in tackling the challenge, everyone gets rewarded.
Dying Light: The Following will be released on February 9th. The asking price is still unknown, and preorders aren’t available.

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