XCOM 2 Tweet Teases E3 Announcement

A tweet went out last night on the official XCOM Twitter account, teasing an announcement planned for E3. It’s an image with the close-up shot of an alien’s face and the words “The real war begins”. The announcement is going to be made at the PC Gaming Show, on June 12th, 10 AM Pacific time. But what does it mean?

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xcom 2 twitter teaser
XCOM 2 E3 teaser

The most obvious answer is that they’ll announce the expansion. The first game had several smaller DLC packs and one large expansion, Enemy Within, that completely changed how some things worked, fixed some glaring issues and added a whole lot of content. XCOM 2 did well enough to warrant one such expansion for itself, so that seems like a natural thing to happen.

There’s no telling how the expansion could… well, expand on the original, but there’s a long list of things fans would like to see in the game, including mech soldiers, which were oddly missing from the vanilla version.

Another possibility is something new from the Long War team. They’ve already released the XCOM 2 version of their popular mod, and they’ve been officialy involved in some stuff with the developers at Firaxis. They are kind of busy supporting Long War 2 atthe moment, though, so chances are pretty slim.

It could also be a daft spin-off nobody wants, in the vein of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. We’re really, really hoping it isn’t. With Phoenix Point inching ever closer to release, they probably won’t revisit the maritime themes of Terror From The Deep.

There’s a wealth of possibilities, the sky’s the limit, etc. Make sure you tune in to the PC Gamer Twitch channel on June 12th. The show will start at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/7 PM CEST. All shall be revealed then. Or some of it, at least.

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