Arms Review Round-Up

Arms is a cartoonish and brightly-colored fighting game developed by Nintendo for the Switch. It’s scheduled to launch later in June, but reviews from most major gaming outlets have already been uploaded. They are ranging from positive to mixed, but it seems that reviewers generally like the game fairly well.

Arms Review Round-Up
Arms Review Round-Up

Reviews for Arms have started popping up on major outlets. The game hasn’t yet launched, but you can already give the reviews a read and see if the game might be something you’d like to pick up. As for the release date, Arms will come out worldwide about a week from the time of writing this round-up, on June 16th, 2017.

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The reviews themselves range from positive to mixed. On Metacritic, Arms currently has an aggregated score of 78 out of 100, meaning “generally favorable reviews”. You can check out a list of reviews below, as well as the scores the reviewers gave.

Arms is the upcoming fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Nintendo EPD. The main thing setting it apart from other fighting games are the extendable arms that all characters have. Players can hit each other from over across the 3D arena. You can also dodge, block and throw stuff at the opponent.

Up to four players can participate in a match simultaneously. Arms uses the Joy-Con motion control input, allowing you to throw punches by moving your arms. Of course, you can also use normal button inputs. So, if this sounds like something that might be up your alley, mark your calendar!

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