XCOM 2 War of The Chosen Mission Footage Released

There’s a new video for XCOM 2 War of The Chosen out there, and this time, it’s actual gameplay and not just a soliloquy by one of the baddies. It’s edited footage from a mission called Lost and Abandoned. It introduces two of the three resistance factions, space zombies and more.

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xcom 2 war of the chosen mission footage
XCOM 2 Lost & Abandoned mission footage

The video is narrated by Garth DeAngelis, who’s a senior producer on the DLC. He starts off be explaining the setting, which is a small town outside the bustle of the shiny Advent cities. It’s been forgotten, and the consequences of the war are still felt by all who venture there. Which isn’t many, since it’s overrun by zombies.

The Lost, as these new kinds of zombies are called, are mindless mutants left to their own devices. They roam in packs and are attracted to noise. They know no fear, and have no higher cognitive functions – they’ll charge at you, ignoring your shots and not trying to get behind cover. Thankfully, they can only perform melee attacks. There’s also the matter of headshots – whenever you headshot one of the Lost, you get your action back. This means you can chain headshots if you’re lucky, cleaning a group of the nasties in one turn.

The missions sees you help negotiate a truce between the Skirmishers and the Reapers. The former are ex Advent soldiers, looking to atone for their crimes. Their representative in this mission is Mox, a gung-ho kind of guy with a grappling hook. The Reapers are scavengers who are great at hiding and picking off targets from a distance. They’re sending Outrider to the meeting. Your job is to send two teams to the ground, to escort both VIPs to safety. As if zombies weren’t enough, you’ll also have to deal with Purifiers, flamethrowing pest control for the Advent.

War of The Chosen is going to launch on August 29th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s going to cost $40.

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