XCOM 2 War of The Chosen Warlock Trailer Released

A new trailer for War of the Chosen, XCOM 2’s upcoming expansion, has been released. It’s another Chosen-focused video, this time showcasing the Warlock. He’s a psyonic warrior, a mage in anything but name. He can control the minds of your soldiers, summon shades and deliver long, tedious monologues followed by cackling.

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xcom 2 war of the chosen warlock
XCOM 2 Warlock

He’s a grumpy old man, and an arrogant one at that. He’s a zealot, and believes he’s the most loyal champion the Elders have. He talks about shallow minds a lot and enjoys long walks on the beach. His powers include mind control, and he seems to be able to affect several units at once. He can also summon purple kamikaze ghosts – they’re armed with swords and guns, but they can also explode when they get near you. Do not let them get near you.

Like the other Chosen, he can leech knowledge out of your soldiers. Once he’s got enough intel, he’s going to try and destroy the Avenger, your home base.

In case you’ve missed the announcement, here’s a little info on the upcoming DLC. It’s going to add three resistance groups to the game, each of which will be able to provide new soldier classes to help you fight the Chosen, which are strong enemies with only one goal – to recapture you.

You will now be able to send your minions on covert missions, to get more resources, improve relationships with other factions and generally mess up the aliens’ plans. Your soldiers will also be able to bond, which will give them more perks, brothers in arms and all that.

XCOM 2 War of The Chosen is going to be released on August 29th. It’s coming to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and you’ll need to have the base game in order to play it.

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