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Foorara is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They’re a young Nopon on a pilgrimage, and you’ll get the chance to meet them several times. Each time you run into Foorara, you’ll get a clue about the next location. These places are usually either hard to get, or off the beaten path, which means they’re easy to miss. That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of all Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Foorara locations, all the places they have to visit according to the Walky-Walky Guide.

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Argentum Trade Guild – Goldmouth

The first location is near the beginning of the game, on the Goldmouth. Go to the Central Exchange, then head up the stairs to the east. Once you’re on the upper level, exit onto the balcony right in front of you. Foorara is on a steel beam below the south side of the balcony. You’ll have to jump onto the beam, but don’t worry – you won’t die if you miss it, but you will have to try again.

They’ll tell you all about the Walky-Walky, the initiation practice of their people. You’ll learn their next destination is a “place with wonderful view”, where they can get “fresh feelings and forget sad things.”

Gormott Province – Place With Wonderful View

The second location is in the Gormott province, in the city of Torigoth. The hint mentions a view, which should nudge you towards the highest building in the area – the Tretl Windmill. The mill is in the southeastern part of town, south of Abble’s Fountain. Simply climb to the top, and you’ll find Foorara there. Talking to them will reveal the next part of their plan involves eating a lot of mushrooms. Possibly.

Gorge Self on Mushroom

The third location is in the Kingdom of Uraya, in a secret cave near Garfont Village. The entire area is rich with mushrooms, but the place you’re looking for is a cave southeast from the Mercenary HQ. It’s called the Fusty Fungus cave, and you’ll need level 3 fire master and level 2 wind mastery to kindle a flame that will rid you of the obstructive roots at the entrance. The young Nopon will tell you about their plan to visit Fonsa Myma.

Fonsa Myma Foorara Location

Once you’re in the city, go to the Fonsa Myma Gate waypoint, in the western part of town. Turn around and look across the square – you’ll see big buildings on the other side. Foorara is on a tower that’s part of one of them. Cross the square and climb the stairs on the right. Once you’re at the top, turn left and climb onto the roof. Foorara’s spot overlooks the market. The conversation will reveal their plans to sell to Uraya Army.

Selling to Uraya Army

In the Empire of Mor Ardain, head to Hardhaigh Palace and the Hardhaigh Gate skip travel point. From there, go south toward the airport. As you reach its plateau, look to your left, behind the large pillar. You’ll find someone sneaky, hiding in the corner.

Different Cave to Snuggle Up

Once at the Indoline Praetorium landmark, head toward the refugee camp in Goetuis Port. The closest fast travel point is the Fount of Holy Light. On this plateau, behind the large food stand where the rations are being dispatched, is a crack in the wall. Go through it, and you’ll find a different cave.

We still haven’t found Foorara for the seventh time, but we will update the guide when we know more.

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