Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fresh & Fruity Quest - Hustle Hyacinth & Mint Fish

Fresh & Fruity is one of the side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can start it by talking to Twaina, an NPC in the Grodd Residential Zone in Gormott. She’ll offer to share her secret pie recipe if you bring her some ingredients she’s missing. Specifically, she needs four units of a plant called Hustle Hyacinth, and seven Mint Fish. These can be a bit hard to find, which can make finishing the quest quite a pain. We’ve decided to help you out by showing you some plant & fish locations in our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fresh & Fruity side quest guide.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 fresh & fruity side quest
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fresh & Fruity Quest – Hustle Hyacinth & Mint Fish

Where to find Hustle Hyacinth?

You can get Hustle Hyacinth from several collection points around Coolley Lake. Just dig around and you’ll eventually find them – they’re tiny purple blobs. When you’ve exhausted all your options, simply get in combat with a strong enemy and let them kill you. Once you respawn, the collection points will be replenished as well.

How to get Mint Fish?

Contrary to popular belief, common sense and a bunch of other, irrelevant stuff, fish aren’t caught using the process known as fishing. Instead, people dig them from the ground, just like they do with flowers and trees. Don’t laugh. Collection points around bodies of water have a chance of yielding fish, so you should concentrate your efforts on those – since you already have to visit Coolley Lake for the plant, simply keep digging there. Kill yourself to refresh the nodes from time to time, and you’ll be done before you know it.