Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torigoth's Crane - Where to find Winding Gears

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Repair Torigoth’s Crane is one of the many quests you can complete in the game. It requires you to help out some workers to fix their crane. You’ll have to provide them with the required material for Torighoth’s Crane to complete the quest. Our guide will explain where to find winding gears for the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Repair Torigoth’s Crane quest.

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How to Start Repair Torigoth’s Crane Quest

To start the Repair Torigoth’s Crane, you first have to talk to Eyvan in Torigoth, in Gormott Province, just outside the city walls. He’ll tell you about their crane problems and start The Case of the Crane quest. After that, you’ll have to talk to Natheus, who is operating the crane. Backtrack into the city and turn left just after passing the outer wall. Walk over to Natheus, have a chat, and you’ll start the Repair Torigoth’s Crane quest. He’ll ask you for five Winding Gears.

Where to find Winding Gears – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Repair Torigoth’s Crane

To find Winding Gears for Natheus, you’ll have to go scavenging. That’s if you don’t already have the necessary items. If you do, simply hand them to Natheus and you’re done. Otherwise, head over to the Yarvay Salvaging vendor in Gormott to stock up on Cylinders. From there, make your way to the Saets Chief’s Residence Salvage Point. Dive in, and you should come up with enough Winding Gears to complete the quest.

Quest Reward for Repair Torigoth’s Crane

Once you have five Winding Gears, go back to the outer wall, and give them to Natheus. After you turn the quest in, your reward will be one Arts Stealth I. If you complete the entire Case of the Crane quest, you’ll also get Affinity MAX Atk I and Fire Def Up I. That’s on top of the Gold, EXP, and SP.

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    The gears spawn in Siegl Fell! I got 4 gears on 3 runs, with Silver x2/ Normal x1

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