Gormotti Walnut and Muscle Branch location - Concerned Carpenter quest Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Gormotti Walnut or Muscle Branch are materials required for completing the Concerned Carpenter side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and their location or ways of acquiring them might be puzzling for some of you. Gormotti Walnut is a pretty expensive item that the Nopon vendor sells for 10000 gold each. At this point of the game you shouldn’t have that kind of moolah so the alternative is getting a Muscle Branch that the vendor will accept in exchange. Doing these side quests is crucial for improving the settlement and unlocking additional items for sale at vendors in the town. This alone might make it worth it, but quest also rewards you with two unrefined Aux cores – Evasion Focus I and Emergency Guard I. Lets start from the beginning though.

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Gormotti Walnut and Muscle Branch location - Concerned Carpenter quest guide
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gormotti Walnut and Muscle Branch location – Concerned Carpenter quest guide

Confusion Ivy collecting – Concerned Carpenter side quest

You get Concerned Carpenter side quest at the entrance of the town of Torigoth. Siorge, the carpenter, needs help rescuing his son, Pawli, at the Waytree. Once there you will need to fight three level 9 Nabadan Gogol. Try and pull them one at a time, so you don’t have to fight all three at the same time or be at least level 12 before attempting the fight if you are solo with Rex. If you come back later with a whole group, it will be easier to do this part of the quest. After rescuing Pawli he asks for you to find some Confusion Ivy. He gives you a tip that these can be found near trees. Walk around the plains and look for collection points that are next to trees. These should drop Confusion Ivy, since it is pretty common. Bellow, in the guide, we describe how to get Muscle Branch and this is a good spot for Confusion Ivy as well. Actually, you might already have enough Ivy in your inventory by the time you do this side quest, since a lot of points drop them. You will be using this method a lot in the game and for the next part of the quest as well.

Xenoblade Chronicles Confusion Ivy Location

Gormotti Walnut

Carpenter needs a rare material called Gormotti Walnut. He says that a vendor at a nearby Nopon camp sells it. Follow the quest marker until you reach what seems to be a cloud filled hole. Swim in it to get to spiral pathway hidden in the back, that should take you up to Mokumoku. Little rascal asks 10000G for one piece of Gormotti Walnut, and you need three! He does mention that he will accept Muscle Branch in exchange, because Nopon are not built for fetching that type of wood.


Where to find Muscle Branch to trade for Gormotti Walnut?

Muscle Branch is a random drop from Collection points that are near trees or timber, but some have more chance to drop it than others. It is a rare material and will glow yellow once it drops from the collection point. The best spot for us to farm Muscle Branch was at Nocclia Timber Site. It is a lumber mill landmark located north east of the Waytree and Nopon vendor. Once you discover it you will be able to Skip Travel to it. You will also notice a collection point near some timber there and a guy named Otto. This is where you should farm Muscle Branch at. Loot the collection point, teleport to Nocclia Timber Site and the point should respawn. Loot it until you get three Muscle Branch. You can now go back to the Nopon vendor and get Gormotti Walnut, saving 30000G in the process.

Other ways to get Muscle Branch

We haven’t found a more reliable collection point for getting Muscle Branch. There is a collection point just a bit to the east that also drops wood. (drop down from Nocclia Timber Site to a little plain to the east and you should see it.) It didn’t drop Muscle Branch often though. We did get Clarity Moss, Binding Wood and Deer Wood quite a bit there. If you found an easier way to get Muscle Branch or Gormotti Walnut itself, please let us know in the comments. Otherwise, feel free to use our method to complete the Concerned Carpenter side quest.

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