Shepherd's Purse & Dawn Hydrangea Star-Crossed Lovers Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Shepherd’s Purse and Dawn Hydrangea are items you’ll have to find in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers quest. You need them in order to heal an NPC. The Star-Crossed Lovers quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is kinda like Romeo & Juliet, so it’s only noble to help them. Therefore, we’ve put together our guide on where to find Dawn Hydrangea & Shepherd’s Purse in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers quest.

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Shepherd's Purse & Dawn Hydrangea Star-Crossed Lovers Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Shepherd’s Purse & Dawn Hydrangea Star-Crossed Lovers Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How to Start Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers Quest?

You can start the Star-Crossed Lovers quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in Gormott Province, Upper Level – Left, at Melnath’s Shoulder in Greatspine Boundary, in the middle-north of the area. They’re marked with a question mark on the map. There, you’ll find two people, Rhiannon and Norman, surrounded by monsters. Kill the monsters and talk to the two lovers to discover their story. You’ll find out that Norman is injured. Your task is to find two Shepherd’s Purse herbs, and two Dawn Hydrangea, and take it to the apothecary of Rhiannon’s brother Nils.

Shepherd’s Purse Location – Star-Crossed Lovers

Fortunately for you, there’s several Shepherd’s Purse herbs surrounding the star-crossed lovers. One of them is directly in front of Rhiannon and Norman. Simply look around for collection points in a semi-circle, and you should find the Shepherd’s Purses. One is to the left of the lovers, and one is to the right, so you’ll have enough. Shepherd’s Purse grows in many places, so odds are you probably already have all you need.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Where to Find Dawn Hydrangea?

Dawn Hydrangea can be found on a grassy platform more-or-less directly above the star-crossed lovers. Not far from where you rescue them, you’ll find a path leading up into the hill. If you’re there at night, look for the torchlight. Head over and climb up. Walk across the giant tree branch onto the next platform. The Dawn Hydrangea collection point is on the lower platform on the right, near a chest.

The trick here is that you get only one Dawn Hydrangea from the collection point. In order to make it respawn, you can either skip travel away and back again, or get yourself killed. The choice is yours. Using fast travel is the more economical option, we find, but, it’s up to you.

Star-Crossed Lovers Quest Nils Apothecary Location

Once you have everything you need, skip travel to Abble’s Fountain in Torigoth. The apothecary is just to the northeast from there. Talk to Nils, He’ll ask you to talk to his parents in the Grodd Residential Zone. Simply follow the blue quest marker on the map, and you’ll reach Carys. Talk to her, and, after the scene plays out, head back to Nils to get the medicine. Then, travel back to Rhiannon and Norman in Gormoth Province, Upper Level – Left. Talk to Rhiannon.

Ending of Star-Crossed Lovers – What to Choose

As the final step in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers (spoiler alert), you’ll have the option to either tell Rhiannon about her parents, or to keep quiet. We chose to tell her. As a result, Rhiannon and Norman will go back to the city and try to talk things through. When we went back, none of the NPCs where there. In the end, though, it’s up to you to choose what you want. This is a role-playing game, after all.

Quest Rewards for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Star-Crossed Lovers

Once you complete the Star-Crossed Lovers quest, you’ll get 1060 Gold, 210 EXP, and 95 SP. You’ll also get one Blade Combo Boost I and one Affinity MAX Barrier I.

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