Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Romance - Does Rex End up With Pyra / Mythra?

Judging by the online chatter, a lot of players are interested in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 romance. There are a lot of questions being thrown around, seemingly with no answers. The most common ones are if the player can actually seduce blades, and whether Rex ends up together with Pyra or Mythra. The trailers did have some romantic overtones, so it’s no surprise. Plus, open world RPGs let players engage in relationships with NPCs more often than not – it’s a legitimate concern.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 romance rex pyra mythra
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Romance
Obviously, this article is going to be filled with spoilers. If you think knowing stuff like this in advance will ruin the experience for you, we suggest you stop reading.

Can you romance blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

It doesn’t seem like you can. At least not most of them. The relationship between a driver and their blade seems to be a bit complicated, and romantic feelings don’t seem to be the basis of it most of the time. You’re welcome to try – we’re not going to stop you from trying to stick your weenie into a weapon – but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Is there romance between Rex and Pyra (or Mythra)?

Not as far as we know. Some people have interpreted the dialogue from the trailers as romantic banter, but we think it couldn’t be farther of the truth. Rex and Pyra do love each other, obviously – she sacrificed a lot to keep him alive – but it’s entirely platonic. They don’t split up after the game ends, but their relationship is not one based on passion.

On the other hand, there is a particular cutscene in which Nia confesses her love to Rex, but his answer is kinda non-committal, to put it gently. If it’s romance you’re looking for, we’d say she’s your best bet.

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  1. P

    This kind of ruins the game for me, I feel it’s a missed opportunity that they dropped the ball on. There is suppose to be story DLC coming so maybe they still might.

    1. A

      This is false. The director said this was a story of “boy-meets-girl”. Throughout a lot of the game, there is a clear romantic interest between Rex and Pyra/Mythra. They even have a heart-to-heart featuring Pyra wanting to be more “likeable” for Rex depending on which dialogue choice you pick. In addition, there’s a moment in the story where someone tells Pyra that it’s actually pretty common for Blades and Drivers to marry.

      Not just Pyra either. There are quite a bit of scenes with Mythra and Rex as well.

      I woulda thought the article was published at a horrible time, since the game released that exact day. No need to worry about romance.

      Source: I’m 30 hours in.

      1. D

        I finished the game and near the end Pyra/Mythra say they love him. BOOM!

  2. A
    Anon 2

    This article is false. Pyra/Mythra certainly like Rex a lot more than platonically. Nearly every character can see it including Nia who even teases them about it a couple times (IE: asking why they weren’t being clingy after a certain someone died). I mean Rex’s pseudo mom (Auntie Corrine) sees the connection and basically gives them her blessing.

    Now I will say they don’t ever blatantly say they love each other (although there are some mouthed words and clever wording in other areas that imply such) but by triggering certain heart to hearts (hideout, grave) and finishing the game (Zeke’s words to Rex) its nearly blatantly stated.

  3. R

    SUPER FALSE INFORMATION!!!! Clearly this person who wrote this article hasn’t play the game at all. There are so many evidence of romance between Rex and Pyra/Mytra. Even in the town in fonsett island his aunt/caretaker said “Back in the olden day Drivers and Blades were married.” And she was encouraging Pyra that its okay to fall in love and be together.

  4. B

    She cares a lot about Rex

  5. Z

    There is a lot of indirect romance between Rex and Pyra AND Mythra but it never happens on screen it’s all indirect and Rex was to dense to love Nia so yea Rex is trash compared to Shulk he got no women

  6. M
    Michael Cary

    Even though Pyra and Mythra share the same body,their feelings for Rex Re separated. While their feelings are strong.It is obvious that they love him. Pyra loves Rex for being himself and wants to get to know him better. Mythra doesn’t realize how much she cares for hin until she sees him cry over Fan/Haze.

  7. S
    suzanne déry

    this news is really not acurate i dont know where you guys got those information, in a conversation pyra and mythra clearly say that they are in love with rex but are not sure if they gonna say it one day or not, even pyra in an interlude say that she want to be beautiful for rex

  8. S
    sebastian ochoa

    i agree

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