Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tiger Tiger Tips - Poppiswap Ether Crystals

Tiger Tiger in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an essential minigame you’ll have to play. They are necessary for upgrading the Artificial Blade Poppi through the Poppiswap screen. The thing is, the Tiger Tiger minigame can get a bit frustrating and difficult, but you need those Ether Crystals for Poppiswap. So, we’ve put together our Tiger Tiger tips guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tiger Tiger Tips - Poppiswap Ether Crystals
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tiger Tiger Tips – Poppiswap Ether Crystals

How to Upgrade Poppi – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The only way that you can upgrade Poppi is by earning and spending Ether Crystals. You use these to boost the capacity of the energy converter, unlock slots for further enhancements, and to crystallize, aka create, different parts. These include various mods and other parts for the Role CPU, Element Core, Art Cards, and RAM. Whatever you choose to do, Ether Crystals are of the essence.

The catch here is, you can only earn Ether Crystals (and upgrade parts) by playing the Tiger! Tiger! minigame in Tora’s House. It can get a bit difficult and frustrating, which leads us to our main subject.

Tiger Tiger Tips for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first thing to do is to observe the hints that you can get in the upper level of Tora’s house. They tell us that you can only hit jellyfish from above and turtles from the bottom. Second, they let us now that there’s a power-up that you can collect to attack diagonally. Those are our basics.

The game begins by lowering you from above. On your way to the bottom, you’ll face a number of enemies and obstacles that you can kill or dodge. The thing is, the round doesn’t end until you go all the way up again, which is significantly more difficult. Also, if you get killed before you reach the top again, you have to do the whole thing over. So, it’s really important that you kill as many enemies as you can while going down to make the return trip that much easier.

As you’re being lowered down, there will be Ether Crystals and treasure chests on the way. Of course, you should try and grab as many of both as you can. However, some chests can have up to 100 Ether Crystals each, so sacrificing Crystals for a chest can pay off quite a bit. It’s a bit of a gamble still, though.

The goal of the game is to capture the large chest a the very bottom. There will be more enemies waiting for you, so be careful. You’ll need two attacks for the red fish. On your way back up, you’ll have to be super-careful. Your directional attack won’t be helping you here, and there’s very little wiggle room for dodging. Once again, clear up as much of the level as you can while going down.

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