Tricolor Rock Locations - True Colors Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Tricolor Rock is an item in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It’s a type of stone, usually found in the Kingdom of Uraya. You’ll need some for the True Colors quest, to help the unfortunate painter. They can be pretty hard to find, so we’ve decided to write a guide with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tricolor Rock locations.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tricolor Rock locations

True Colors Quest

You can start the quest by travelling to Fonsa Myma, the capital city of the Kingdom of Uraya. Once you’re there, head to the commercial district. Climb up to the tower in the southern part of the district and talk to Dobran the painter. She’ll tell you all about her trouble – she ran out of paint while working on a painting. However, she doesn’t use regular paint – she mixes her own using natural ingredients. In order to continue her work, she needs some pretty rare components. She had sent a mercenary friend to fetch them, but nothing came of it.

Since you’re such a nice little boy, you’re going to offer your help. She’ll tell you she needs four pieces of Crustip Chitin, and six lumps of Tricolor Rock. Both can be found in the Uraya region – the former dropped by Krim Crustips, the latter in collection points in rocky parts of the zone.

Crustip Chitin Locations

The game will mark a handful of Krim Crustips on your map – you’ll find them in the Stomach area, south of Cobalt Cliffs. They’re scattered around the area, but you can simply kill the ones at the bottom, then teleport back to the cliffs. They’ll respawn each time you do. Try to avoid drawing the attention of the other animals in the area, and you’ll be done in no time.

Where to find Tricolor Rock?

The Tricolor Rocks are where things start to get difficult. The entirety of Uraya is somewhat rocky, so the tip you get from Dobran isn’t all that useful. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect place to farm Tricolor Rock. Teleport to the Stone Gate Ruins in the southwest of the Stomach area. Go south, and look for an elevated plateau on your right. There’s a collection point next to an outcrop – dig it up. Teleport back to the Stone Gate Ruins and repeat. If you’re lucky, you should have all six within 5-10 minutes.