Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Young Man's Prize - Snow-White Rhino Location

A Young Man’s Prize is one of the side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can start this quest by talking to Eluned, a boy living in the Grodd Residential Zone in Gormott. He’ll task you with finding a Snow-White Rhino, a special kind of beetle that only appears in a certain place at a certain time of day. It can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t have the patience to sit through the dull dialogue. That’s why we’ve written a guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 A Young Man’s Prize side quest, to help you find this beast.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 young man's prize snow white rhino location
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Young Man’s Prize – Snow-White Rhino Location

Where to find Snow-White Rhino?

You’ll find the Snow-White Rhino in the Gormott Province, in the Upper Level Right area. It’s all the way to the west, in Seigle Fell. There’s a tiny island west of the mainland, in the sea of clouds. Take a long rest at the Inn to raise the cloud sea level. Jump down there, and advance time to 5:00 AM. The animal only appears in the break of dawn. It’s not an actual rhino, which you may have missed if you didn’t pay attention to the dialogue. It’s also not a real beetle, either – it’s a red cloth sack you have to pick up.

The beetle’s inside, of course, but you’d never tell from the looks of it. Once you’ve got it, go back to Eluned and give him the pouch. He’ll run off to show it to his friend Lief. Find him again near Garagorm’s Arch, and he’ll give you the following prizes:

  • 500 gold
  • 480 EXP
  • 49 SP
  • Fabulous Hat



  1. R

    Where do i make the Jump?? I am Barly to short!! do i need an item or something???????

    1. L

      Just jump onto the clouds down bellow, it doesn’t hurt at all.

      1. G

        thats not what they’re asking. they cant make the jump to reach it

    2. G
      Gosu No0b

      Take a rest at the Inn to raise the cloud sea level.

  2. A

    How are you supposed to find this without Googling? Did he give a hint that it was on an island in the morning? Or, is this just one of those ridiculous fetch quests?

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