Open concept of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will continue to be used in the series

The new Zelda has seen The Japanese Weekly Famitsu has had a 10-pager on Breath of the Wild. The issue featured interviews with the developers, including the producer Eiji Aonuma.

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Breath of the wild is the first open concept game in the series.

From what can be gathered the open concept is the new standard for The Legend of Zelda games. The interview also touched on the idea of Ganon as a “Calamity”, a sort of evil existence and not really a person as he used to be before. Hidemaro Fujibayashi, game director, says that they “didn’t need to attach a attach a character to him. If he started talking, he would need a backbone, and that would surely become obstructive as far as the game goes”.

The depiction of Zelda character as a scholar in Breath of the Wild was also touched upon. Fujibayashi joked that “The story was easier to make and the staff in charge of the scenario strongly supported that kind of plot”, but admitted that it had other functional implications.

There was a lot of talk recently about where Breath of the Wild actually fits in The Legend of Zelda timeline. When asked directly about it, Fujibayashi suggested that it should be left to imagination, while Aonuma said that Hyrule history changes over time. His attitude is that “there have been several times so far that once determined history has changed”. What can be gathered from here is that no matter how much people actually tried to glean a singular timeline for all the Zelda games it just is not possible to achieve. Every time Link defeats Ganon, the history is deleted and rewritten.

Breath of the Wild has been helping Switch sell like hot cakes. Perhaps surprisingly, Wii U has also been affected by this, as its sales have also skyrocketed. Not to mention the visits to our Zelda guides list!