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  1. J
    jack blank

    you don’t acually need to hit the specific targets you just need to hit 4 while you float

  2. E

    I did everything you said and it didn’t work
    Please help and answer me

  3. N

    Just to let everyone know, you do not have to hit them in this pattern. You just have to hit four that are close together; in one I don’t know what its called but one slow motion thingy if that makes sense. You just gotta hit the four in one go and the shrine will appear.

  4. M

    I did it multiple times but never had enough energy to hit all four targets in just one flight. Then I cooked in the cooking pot near Teba a powerful Energy-dish (lots of boostcarrots) that gave me the extra Energy that I needed. Just a tip!

  5. Z

    I did it but its not giving me the shrine? what do I do

    1. F
      Francisco Elbl

      Zach, to get to the shrine, you have to hit all 4 targets before your stamina wheels are depleted. meaning you have seconds to do this.

  6. Z

    I did it but its not giving me the shrine?

  7. D

    It’s pretty challenging. If you move a bit to the right. You’ll see 2 on the same rock pillar really close together. If you have an arrow that shoots 3x arrows. You can hit both at the same time. Also your in the right angle where there are 2 close on the walls.