Zelda BoTW Dog Treasure Locations & Rewards

Dog treasures are hidden items you can find in Zelda Breath of the Wild. You can get them by bribing certain dogs with food. When you do, they’ll lead you to the treasure. There are fourteen of them around the world, and they can lead you to all kinds of stuff. In this guide, we’re going to show you Zelda Breath of The Wild dog treasure locations, what they contain.

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treasure hunting dog zelda botw
Treasure hunting dogs in Zelda Breath of The Wild

Where to find treasure hunting dogs in Zelda BoTW

dog treasure locations map zelda botw
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When you find a dog that looks like a border collie, offer him three pieces of meat. He’ll gulp them down and lead you to a nearby hidden treasure. We’ve seen 14 of them so far, mostly around stables. We’ve heard people claim they had success when feeding them fruit as well, but we never managed to make this work. Meat is harder to come by, but is guaranteed to work. Don’t mistake the red puff of smoke that sometimes appears around the dog’s head for appreciation for the food – they sometimes appear when you just hang around and spend time with the animal.

Dog treasure rewards in Zelda BoTW

Here’s a list of things you’ll get from each of the dogs:

1Hateno VillageSilver rupee
2Lurelin VillageStar Fragment
3Lakeside StableForest Dweller’s Spear
4Highland StableSilver rupee
5Kara Kara BazaarKnight’s Bow
6Gerudo Canyon StableIce Arrow x10
7Outskirt StableSilver rupee
8Wetland StableOpal
9Serenne StableGold Rupee
10Snowfield StableStar Fragment or Feathered Spear
11Woodland StableIce Arrow x10
12South Akkala StableKnight’s Claymore
13Tarrey TownBomb Arrow x5
14East Akkala StableShock Arrow x10

In order to find the one in Tarrey Town, you’ll first have to help build the city. This is done through the From The Ground Up quest.