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From the Ground Up side quest in Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the longer chains in the game and sends you across the world to look for Goron, Zora, Rita and Gerudo, but in the end you get to build Tarrey Town and receive a hefty reward. To complete this side quest you will have to have traveled across all major regions in the game, but if you attempt to do it before you do the main questline, with the divine beasts, you might find yourself stumped like I was. This guide is here to help you complete all steps of the From the Ground Up side quest and find all the residents. Also, if you were wondering how to unlock special vendors in Tarrey Town this will help. One of the merchants is weapons and armors buy-back vendor Grante.

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How to start the Tarrey Town quest

You get this quest once you buy your house in Hateno Village and talk to Hudson – Bolson’s second in command. Hudson is sent off to Akkala region and invites you to find him there. You will find him on an island in a middle of the lake, southeast of Death Mountain. When you find him he asks you bring him 10x wood and then begins asking for you to find various people needed to make the place an actual town. First off you need to find someone with enough brute physical strength to clear out rocks and their name needs to end with “son”.

Location of Goron whose name ends in “son”

Goron are native to Goron city, which resides on Death mountain. If you never went there you will need heat resistance elixirs or Flamebreaker gear. We have a guide explaining how to get those easy. Make way towards Death mountain, in the Eldin region of the map (north-northeast portion of the world map – a big volcano – you’ll recognize it). There is a path going up the volcano and you should take it. There are tough enemies along the way, so your best bet is to scale Eldin Tower and glide down from it towards the northwest heading path. Your goal is Southern Mine settlement that is along the path to Goron city. I came there at night and found a large Goron named Greyson sitting at the fire (if he is not there you can look for him digging up rocks close by or wait for night to find him in the Mine). You can probably talk to his smaller brother Pelison to complete this step as well. Now go back to Tarrey Town and you will find Pelison opened up a Jewelry shop (selling Diamonds, Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby). Hudson asks for more wood and another person for you to locate.

Finding Gerudo for Tarrey Town

You need someone with a gift for tailoring to expand Tarrey Town even more and it is someone of Gerudo origin that will fit perfectly. Oh yeah – Gerudo you are looking for has to have her name ending in “son” as well – in accordance with the official Bolson Construction policy. If you zoom out the map far enough you will see that Gerudo region lies in the soutwest corner of the map. There is only one entrance into it and just follow that path. If you have unlocked the Wasteland Tower there travel to it. You need to get to Kara Kara Bazaar oasis. You can see it from the top of the tower and should glide down to it for the easiest access. Garudo you are looking for is sitting under a small tent on the southwestern shore of the oasis and her name is Rhondson. I found her there around 20:40 game time. She will open up an Armor shop selling Desert Voe Outfit – armor set that provides Heat Resistance.

Where to find Rito with the name ending in “son”

For further expansion you need someone knowledgable in the ways of distribution and that can run a general store. Flying Rito race can easily retrieve and deliver supplies so you need to find one willing to relocate to Tarrey. Rito are located in the northwestern part of the world map, in the Hebra region. You need to get to their main settlement, Rito Village, located in the southern part of Hebra. If you unlocked the Tabantha Tower, Rito Village is a short glide away north of it. Find the inn inside Rito Village and Fyson should be at an outlook just a few steps east of it. I found him/her there during daytime. He agrees to open up shop at Tarrey Town and you are one step closer to building a brand new town in Hyrule.

Zora priest location for Tarrey Town

After collecting another 50 wood (!) to build the final buildings in town you find out that Hudson really needs someone that’s priest-like. Hudson suggests that members of the Zora race are most likely to be devout enough to have a priest-like person. Zora’s domain is the capital of their race and since they are water favoring people you will find it on a huge body of water among the mountains. Check the provided map screenshot for the exact location. It is hard to reach this destination and you need to find the road located just a bit north of Lanayru Tower and travel westwards along it. Once you reach the capital of Zora you will find priest-like Kapson behind the stairs leading up to the king and council chambers, at the top of the town. He will open up the Inn in Tarrey Town

Finishing From the Ground Up Side Quest

Now that everyone needed for a perfect little town is there you only need to go fetch Bolson in Hateno Village (remember – the dude that started this whole people hunt, by selling you a house). Go to your house and you should find him next to the campfire there. Go back to Hudson in Tarrey Town and enjoy the fruits of your labor with the final cutscene of the quest and getting three diamonds as reward. Building a new town in Hyrule is a reward in itself though.

from the ground up side quest complete guide

Secret Vendor in Tarrey Town

There’s one merchant in Tarrey Town who isn’t marked on the map. This secret shopkeeper will appear as soon as the town has been completely developed. His name is Grante, and he’s the son of a researcher from Akkala Tech Lab. He can be found on the balcony of the house in the northeast, where he sells unique armor. He only sells special sets you’ve already obtained, in case you’ve lost or sold them.

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