Zelda BotW Dunba Taag Shrine - Build & Release Challenge

Dunba Taag Shrine is one of the many miniature dungeons in Zelda Breath of the Wild. The main issue that is present here is the method for solving the problem. The game doesn’t really have anything like this anywhere else, so it can be difficult to figure out. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Build & Release challenge, and clear out Zelda BotW Dunba Taag shrine.

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Zelda BotW Dunba Taag Shrine Location
Zelda Botw Dunba Taag Shrine

Dunba Taag Location

The Dunba Taag Shrine is found in the Tanagar Canyon. This large Canyon separates the northwestern region Hebra from the other parts. The Shrine is at the bottom of the canyon, just east from Rito Village and its stable, southwest from Hebra Tower. There is a little eave above the shrine, making it hard to spot from the top of the canyon.

Dunba Taag Walkthrough

The first challenge introduces you to the main Shrine challenge. Use the environment to press the switch and open the door. In the first room, you’ll just have to use Stasis on the cogwheel and make a bridge for the ball. It should maintain the speed it has in order to hit the switch with its momentum.

In the second Shrine room, you can go straight for the Spirit Orb, or complete two challenges to open the Treasure Chest gates. The first treasure box is on your left. First, you’ll need to use remote bombs to clear out the path. Destroy those stone boulders to reveal the switch. Now, pick up the nearby barrel, place it near the platform’s edge, so it faces toward the giant switch. Stasis the barrel and hit it until the arrow turns orange. It should be enough for the barrel to reach the switch and open the nearby gate. Inside this treasure chest there is a Falcon Bow (20 damage).

If you are having problems with barrels not reaching the switch, you can always put one barrel on top of the other, and hit the upper one for the distance boost.

Next to the previous chest, there is a small drop into the next room. This time, we’ll have to use Stasis and hit the large ball. It will make it go over the small incline, and eventually press the large ground switch on the other side. The Treasure Chest behind the gate that opens like this contains a Great Thunderblade (32 damage).

To open the Spirit Orb gate, you’ll need to head back to the main room. There is a large switch that stands upright. You’ll need to pick up the barrels in the corner of the room, and place them on the nearby platform. Stasis and hit them, so they can make a large plate fall down onto the switch.

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