Zelda BotW How to Get True and Alternate Endings

SPOILER WARNING: There’ll be some major spoilers here, so tread carefully if you want to go in blind. The new Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, has several different endings. Which ending you get depends on your actions, specifically which missions you complete. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get alternate endings in Breath of the Wild.

Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Get Alternate Endings
Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Get Alternate Endings

There are two endings that you can get in Zelda Breath of the Wild. They all depend on how many and which missions you’ve completed. The missions in question are freeing all of the Divine Beasts from Ganon’s hold, which are main story missions, and getting all of Link’s memories, which is more of a side quest. We’ll list how these actions affect the ending that you’ll get below. One final spoiler warning – turn back if you don’t want the endings ruined for you.

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Alternate Ending in Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is likely the first ending that you’ll get. You can expect to get this one if you just breeze through the game. There’s not much to it – visit a few shrines to get your heart container count up, and don’t collect all Link’s memories. Just run through the story towards the last boss Ganon.

Zelda BotW True Ending

The True Ending is the hardest one to get, as it should be. For this one, you’ll have to free all Divine Beasts and get their help in the battle against Ganon, finish all main story missions, and get every memory as well. This will unlock the full ending – additional story after THE END cut scene.

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  1. A
    Andrew Hoyt

    Lame there is only two endings. I got the true ending on my first play through.

    1. M

      I got all the memories and everything else but didn’t get all the shrines do I have to do that to get the true ending

      1. M
        Madeline Ortiz

        All you need are the memories and divine beasts, not the shrines. I only have 57 shrines completed, and I got the ending on only my second Ganon boss fight.

        1. J

          I only have 108 shrines and I got the true ending complete all the memories including the 13 one the ash swamp one free the divine beasts from ganon’s control and/or the true ending will play and im pretty sure the credits won’t I got that on my first playthrough I don’t remember because I haven’t played since april 2017.

      2. M
        Mike 616

        No I let 7 unfinished and I got the true ending

      3. K

        If you have champions ballad downloaded haven’t done it that could the reason.

    2. S

      how did u get the true ending?

      1. D
        Danny Hernandez

        Didn’t you read?

          1. J

            I got the true ending first playthrough, on my 3rd rn and im not sure if i want to do all memories again lol

    3. P

      I finished all of the main story and it just went straight to the credits

      1. N

        Its after the end of the credits that the mentioned ending starts

      2. J

        Im pretty sure at the end of the credits the true ending starts im pretty sure

      3. V

        I thort i had missed somtheing (reading the explanaition as the credits rolled on my game) what inant mentiomed here is that the extra bits play after the credits

  2. K

    I just do all the memories from the pictures then I got the true ending scene, battling all ganon blights and calamity at hyrule castle without the master sword, full shrines or any divine beast !!!

  3. C
    Charles xavier

    Man I did the full package of main stuff
    I beat Gannon with maxed out armor of the wild using the master sword with the hylian shield in my first playthrough and my next will probably be using the new hard mode when they add it with maxed out tunic of twilight

    1. E

      I did that too I fought ganon with maxed out soldier armor and the master upgraded once thanks to to the trials of the sword and I had the hyian shield

  4. C

    I have all the memories and beat Ganon but only got the regular ending. Anybody know why? A little annoying that I don’t get to witness the true ending in my own playthrough.

    1. P

      Christian did you get all the divine beasts with you? You need all four as well.

      1. P

        Along with having done every single main quest.

        1. L

          I think that you need to complete story missions as well. That means that you need to tell Impa once you’ve conquered the divine beasts, and again once you’ve retrieved all memories. Not yet confirmed.

        2. A

          My son finished the game and got the ‘true ending’ contained in the video you posted. When that happened, the autosave icon came on, but when we go back into the game the most recent autosave file is much older. Any idea why this is?

          1. T

            the autosave icon is to save the progress at the point where the game is completed, but when you load the game it will always take you back to the point just before the Ganon fight so you can either fight him again or explore the world more.

    2. M
      Michael Barberry

      This happened to me too. I completed all main quests, including freeing all of the divine beasts and securing the master sword; and also caputured the mem.

    3. D
      Danny Hernandez

      Free all the divine beasts

    4. T

      Could be becasue you only have 12 of the memories, you need to get all 13. Visit Impa and then she will tell you.

    5. S

      You can’t skip credits

  5. B

    its not working for me, do you need the nintendo switch?

    1. C

      I play on Wii U and got most shrines, all divine beasts, must have done all the main quests including all memories because i ended up with the true ending as well.

    2. K

      Don’t think so.. I managed to get the full ending on my SNES. After beating all the 4 bosses with 8 stars and without any continue. And I played with Dhalsim!

      1. D

        Pfft I beat it using only an old box tv and a guitar hero controller and got a 3rd alternate ending

  6. R

    I only did 3 of the Divine beasts and still got this ending

  7. J

    Pretty lousy ending..

  8. C

    I think I initially got the true ending without even realizing i did anything special because i always have this need to collect EVERYTHING, and when i beat it, I didn’t even realize what I was seeing was extra xD I do really like it though. Also, where did Zelda find her previous clothes again? Wasn’t she wearing the same dress for the past 100 years waiting for Link?

  9. 1

    Is it possible to neat the game with no divine beasts defeated

    1. B

      You can defeat Ganon without the divine beasts, although there is a boss rush and calamity Ganon has full health

  10. W

    I like how no one here has mentioned they got all the Korak seeds lmao

  11. A

    Okay, so I’ve gotten the scene at the end where they’re going to check on the Divine beast, but I never get the scene where the king and champions are looking over them, why is that?

    1. D

      That scene is in the end credits so if you skip that you just get the last scene

    2. G

      You need to free all 4 beasts to se all the champions

    3. A

      if you skip the credits thats what happens

  12. D

    I did all 120 shrines, all memories and all divine beasts and got a basic ending……?

    1. 1

      That might be becasue you only have 12 memories. Visit impa for the 13th.

  13. B

    I can’t find the “alternative” ending anywhere, everyone just show the true ending which I’ve already seen. Can somebody show me the other ending? Really strange I can’t find it anywhere but the true ending is everywhere

    1. L

      The “alternative” ending is just the true ending but only the part before the credits. its probably called this because people are expected to collect the divine beasts and memories before attempting the final boss

  14. E

    To tell you the truth, I liked both endings but the true ending was really beautiful.

  15. S

    Does the second half of the true ending play after the credits?

  16. B
    buster boy

    the true ending is just…

  17. L
    large lad

    i agree buster boy

    1. J

      You responded to yourself? Really?

  18. E
    Elijah Miyake

    I think there should be a longer end

  19. W

    For some reason I did all memories, divine beasts, story and master sword but I didn’t get the scene of Hyrule Castle. Why?

  20. R

    On my first playthrough, I got all memories (Including the 13th one) and divine beasts, master sword, and that other stuff (also the DLC) but I got the alternative ending. why?

  21. M

    I’ve done everything it said to do and it still wont give me the true ending

  22. N

    Age of calmity is better than note because in age of calamity there are more charcters cause In breath of the wild I kinda get bored playing as link for the whole game

  23. H
    Hunter Coleman

    no you dont

  24. M

    do you have to complete the DLC main quest too?

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