Zelda Breath of The Wild Rupee Farming - How to make money

Rupees are the currency used in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They’re really hard to get, and you’ll need a whole lot of them. Armor is expensive, housing even more so. If you just sell the stuff you find, the steady trickle of money won’t cover your needs. Thankfully, we’ve found a great way to farm rupees. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make money in Zelda Breath of The Wild.

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zelda breath of the wild rupee farming
Zelda Breath of The Wild Rupee Farming

How to make money in Zelda Breath of The Wild

The best way to make money is to visit a certain gambling den. It’s located in Lurelin Village, in the southeast of the East Necluda region (west of the Necluda sea). Once there, look for a house across the road from the merchant. It’s the one with jewels on the board above the door. Inside, you’ll find a suspicious bald character and three chests. He’ll let you play what amounts to a shell game.

You only need 10 rupees to start, but ideally, you’ll arrive with at least a hundred. The highest bet you can make is 100 rupees. When you place your bet, he’ll hide the cash in one of the chests. If you’re lucky, you can triple your money. So here’s how you should approach it:

  1. Save your progress.
  2. Talk to him.
  3. Choose the 100 rupees option.
  4. If you at least return your investment, continue playing.
  5. If you don’t, reload and try again.

The results are random – there’s no way to know where the money will be, but the rounds are pretty quick. We made about 3000 rupees in 20 minutes, but have heard of others with even better luck. It’s boring, and it can be a pain, but if it’s money you’re looking for, this is the way to get it.

Snowling mini game

If you’re into bowling, you can try snow bowling as a way to make money in Zelda BoTW. Travel to Hebra Tower, at the foot of Hebra mountain in the northwestern corner of the map. Just a bit northeast from the tower, you’ll see a cottage called Pondo’s Lodge. Talk to the man in front. He’ll offer you a chance to bowl with his giant snowball, but you’ll have to pay 20 rupees per try. Use the stasis power to launch the snowball. If you manage to take down all the pins with your first throw, you’ll earn 300 rupees.

Super Gut Climbing Game

zelda botw climbing mini game rupee farming

According to our reader Matt, the climbing game you can find north of Death Mountain, in the northeastern part of the map, is an amazing way to make money. The game requires you to climb up a cliff and collect as much rupees as you can in under 3 minutes. For the best results, you’ll need to come prepared – get the complete Climbing Gear and make sure you have enough stamina. You can swap hearts for stamina for this occasion – the investment is worth it. If you get all the rupees on the cliff, you’ll end up with a net profit of 750. We haven’t tried it out, but it sounds like a great way to earn money – although you can’t rely on it early on.

Treasure Chests

  • There is a chest with 600 rupees on the island NE of Mount Lanayru
  • Use your magnesis to get 100 rupees chest from the lake in the Oasis
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  1. P

    Very helpful, got the game yesterday and I found a house for sale that I wanted to get so I looked this up!

    1. H
      Hailee Nelson

      Luminous stones go for 70a piece…
      I just sold a ton of them and got 5,110 rupees

  2. D

    I think there is a pattern to the rupee game. Yesterday it went right middle middle 3 seperate times and today it’s been right middle twice

    1. J

      Yeah, there’s actually a 50/50 chance of getting it on the gambling once you get it the first time. I found that once you get the rupies from one chest, it can’t be the same chest. Maybe I just got a crazy streak but I got 9 in a row by doing that.

  3. S

    Lucky me, i hit the green rupee 15 times in a row.. What are the odds of that?

    1. S

      (2/3)^15, about 0.2%. That’s assuming that there isn’t some kind of pattern and every chest has the same probability.

  4. K

    Go moose hunting north of snowfield stable in the northwest. Just make sure you collect the meat quickly or it’ll freeze.
    Cook 5 gourmet meat in the pot and sell to Beetle for nearly 500 Rupees. Made 6k in an hour.

    1. L

      There’s a guy in outskirt stable that will buy raw gourmet meat for 100 rupees each.

      1. K

        He’ll only buy three per day though, so don’t hedge all your bets on him.

    2. A

      If you do this riding the giant horse it is very efficient. just ride back and forth ramming into them. Moose and wolves only take one hit, Rhinos take 2, so I just ram and hit them with a weapon I don’t care about breaking.

  5. R

    The best way is a quest after you do the divine beast in zora domain, there is a zora that needs 10 luminous stones to repair the city with, he gives you two diamonds the first time and 1 diamond per 10 stones.

    1. P

      Rusheroo actually its better to sell 10 of those stones by themselves rather than to give it to him in place of a diamond. 1 luminant stone is 70 rupees, that’s 700 rupees for 10 of them, 1 diamond is 500 rupees.
      So the first 10 you give him is good but from then on out its better to sell them by themselves

    2. If you sell 10 lumina stones you get 700 sell one diamond get 500 you loose 200 not good math

    3. H

      The first time is worth it .. after that you can sell the luminous stones for 70 a piece… 700 instead of 500

    4. E

      Yeah but you can sell them to merchant for 70 each…

    5. F

      Luminous stones are worth 70, so after the first one u will lose 200 rupees per go.

  6. B

    As for the bowling game, the first time you get a strike he gives you a blizzard rod. Also, instead of wasting your weapon’s durability with stasis (nothing moves the snowball except weapon strikes) throw it along the right hand side of the path, the best way I can describe it is to throw the ball into the little pocket of hills, after a few tries you’ll find the spot I’m talking about. You’ll get a strike the majority of the time.

    1. T

      Thanks so much! Your tip works great! I was worried I’d have to waste all my weapons. Definitely more reliable than the chest farming this way, and it’s also more fun. Thank you! <3<3

      1. T

        You can pick up the snow balls instead of stasis.

  7. M

    Best rupee farming spot I have surpasses the gambling game by far. North of death mountain is the super gut climbing game. You have to complete the gut check before you can do the more difficult and much more profitable version. You pay 100 rupees to play. You have to climb to the top of the hill in under three minutes while collecting at least 300 rupees. Get 300 by the time you reach the top, and you have a nice little 200 rupee income in roughly 4 minutes with talking. There are so many more to get on the mountain though. Get the full climbers set, upgrade all pieces to level 2, and I would suggest at least 2.5 max stamina bars. I have just one upgrade under a full 3. With that you can collect nearly every rupee on the cliff face in under 3 minutes, which is a bit more than 850 rupees. That’s a guaranteed income of 750 rupees every 5 (taking into account the time it takes to talk to the dude, and I’m being generous) minutes max. Takes a little preparation, and you might have to temporarily switch some hearts to stamina bars if you don’t have enough, but the payout is huge, and easy once you figure out a path for yourself.

  8. T

    Wait, if it’s random, then there’s a 1/3 chance you’ll break even. Ignoring that, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll either lose 100 rupees or gain 300. Shouldn’t you be able to be profitable in this game even without reloading?

    1. A

      Two out of the three chests contain 1 rupee, only one contains 300 rupees, for an average gain of only 2/300ths of a rupee per round. So technically you’re right, over tens of thousands of trials you’d statistically come out on top, but it’s clearly only worth the time if you reload saves upon failure.

  9. S

    I find it easier to farm saphire ruby’s diamonds topaz ect.. And sell them to vendors.. Death mountain is full of ore

    1. S

      Sorry, my grammar is terrible

  10. C

    Once you’ve managed to make it to the Goron and Rito cities, there’s a miniquest you can exploit for additional rupee farming.

    Northeast of the Plateau is a big mountain (Satori Mountain) with a bunch of copses of trees and herbs, great for starting out – including an entire orchard of apple trees. Bombing/Collecting the apples nets you about 70-80 of the things; take all of them to Goron City, and 10 at a time, dump them on the ground. Once they turn into Baked Apples, warp to the Rito City and climb to near the top by the Elder. A woman sits there from morning til night, and every 50 Baked Apples, she rewards you with 500 rupees.

    It’s definitely more “grindy” than other ways, but the repeated trips to Satori Mountain can net you big gains in various mushrooms, plants, and ore, as well as Blupee farming if you’re good with a bow.

  11. L

    I got Gold Rupees 5-times in a row!!! What luck.

    1. P

      Good Job, but there is a guy in lurlain village and he says if you give him 100 rupees, he’ll give you the money, he’s easy to find when it is raining

  12. K

    I’ve found a really solid way of making money is to kill Stone Talus once every blood moon. There’s one on the Great Plateau and one on either side of the dueling peaks, and all you need is a sledgehammer. You get about 6 amber, 4 flint and 4 other assorted gems per Talus you kill, more if you can get the rarer ones.

    1. D

      And there is also a stone talus near hateno village where the 2 people getting hurt and knocked out while hunting for hearty truffles. If you go past the forest in that direction there is a massive open grassland with a stone talus. Also Kiltons (I think that’s his name) fang and bone shop over looking the open field where the stone talus is. Just go past the farms and you’ll know what I mean

    2. B
      backing a comrade

      Bit late but the fact no one backed Matt on the Super Gut climbing game yet is a crime. This is the best out of all suggestions for garenteed quick ruppees. Matts also under selling it; once you have the climing gear, near full stamina, and know your route, you make 7k under 30min easy. That includes the talking and stuff. I agree mining and taluses is a good way to make money early.

  13. F
    Foxy Llama

    I only found 100 rupees on the island north east of Mount Lanayru.

  14. M
    Mr. Coffee

    Actually the best way I’ve found of making Rupees is Mining, from both random ore deposits and Talus. On my way to Kakariko Village, I killed 2 Stone Talus (one on each peak of the Dueling Peaks, and mined a little of the ore deposits and when I got to the stables and sold the gemstones I had made a little over 4K Rupees.

    1. L

      The best mining requires sheka sensor+ and a hammer or 2.
      (the house for sale in Hatano has 2 or 3 hammers that regenerate, they are propped up on the outside of the house (if you haven’t found the house already, warp to Myahm Agana Shrine, and go right, and cross the bridge)
      Mining is great, just take a Pic of the normal ore deposit, and use that as a guide around death mountain. You can get several k per hour with this.
      I did it for 30 minutes and got like 6k

      1. F

        It’s hateno and in the stasis trial, as well a an area near the shrine next to the stable near Kara Kara bazaar have got a sledgehammer.

  15. R

    A quick, and fun way to make rupees is to warp to Ridgeland Tower and play the gliding minigame. You need a lot of stamina, but it works every time. Talk to the guy there, pay the 20 rupees and glide to the east through the canyon. You’ll always land far enough away to get paid 100 rupees. You do pay 20 rupees, but you will make a guaranteed 80 rupees every time you glide, and you can do it pretty quickly.

  16. H

    I am sorry.. but all of you are wrong. Best way to make rupies is to lend the buy in the fishing villiage 100 rupies when its raining.. Save before you talk to him the next day and then reload until he wins. Its a 1000 rupie payback. Just saying.

  17. D

    Like many have already stated, you can make easy quick cash by farming taluses. the igneus talus I’ve found to be the easiest. shoot them in the main body with an ice arrow. this cools it and makes it easy to climb on top. then do a charged attack with a stone smasher or some other similar weapon and it should kill him in one go. I kill taluses in seconds using this technique.
    In addition to the igneus taluses, there’s a stone talus east of lurelin village in gama cove. after killing that there’s a bunch of ore just north of that in a cave. I always walk away from there with lots of rare gems. I’ve even found two diamonds there once.

  18. S

    If you’re early game and just want to buy your first house in Hateno Village, you can get some rupees through the Deer Hunting mini-game in Hateno Village.
    You’ll need warp points for Hateno Village and Kakarico Village, and bows rated at or above 12.
    The mini-game regenerates deer which gives lots of easy raw prime meat. Kakarico Village has a cooking pot and an arrow shop.
    From Hateno Village, play the mini-game and hunt deer till you run out of arrows. Back in Kakarico, cook 5 raw prime meat at a time to get a 210 rupee skewer. Sell your skewers to the arrow shop and buy more arrows. Repeat!
    I’m not very fast with a bow so it takes me a while, but it’s nice to have some low-stakes reliable income. You can also collect infinite mushrooms in the mini-game, some of which sell well when cooked in sets of 5.

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