Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Increase Inventory Size

Inventory size is an important aspect in Breath of the Wild. Since your weapons and shields break with use, you want to have as many inventory slots as you can to carry more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to increase inventory space in Breath of the Wild, what you have to do and which items you’ll need.

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Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Increase Inventory Size
Breath of the Wild How to Increase Inventory Space

How to Get More Inventory Space in Breath of the Wild

To increase your inventory limit, you’ll need to collect a certain item and also complete a short side quest. The item in question are Korok seeds. To get these, you’ll have to find Children of the Forest. These are sneaky little wood spirits that are strewn all across Hyrule. You’ll always have to complete some kind of puzzle in order to catch them. Once you do, they’ll give you a Korok seed. For more info on those, check out our Korok seed locations guide. Just collecting the seeds isn’t enough. You have to give them to someone with the power to increase your inventory, which leads us to the next bit.

Breath of the Wild Where to Upgrade Inventory

The giant broccoli-looking creature from the image above is Hestu, and it has the power to upgrade your inventory. To find it, cross Kakariko Bridge after the Dueling Peaks. Take the path that turns east. As you walk uphill, Hestu will be standing under a tree on the right. Talk to it, and it will give you a short side quest called The Priceless Maracas.

The next step is to retrieve Hestu’s maracas. Keep going up the hill and keep an eye out to the right, and you’ll spot a hole in the rocks where bokoblins are hiding out. Head over there and get rid of the enemies, then climb up the platform to the chest. The maracas are inside.

Go back and talk to Hestu. It’ll be delighted until it realizes that all of the Korok seeds have been stolen from the maracas. See where this is going? Offer the seeds and Hestu will increase your inventory size in return. For the firs upgrade, you’ll need one seed, two for the second …, you get the idea.

You can only get an inventory boost twice in this area. After that, Hestu will move to a different location. If you talk to it, you’ll find out where: Korok Forest, which is north of the Hylia river.

How to upgrade inventory slots

When you talk to Hetsu, he’ll offer to upgrade one of the three inventory tabs. If you choose weapons, you’ll get additional weapon slots. If you’re only worried about having more weapon space, select that option every time. The other categories will suffer, but at least you’ll be able to carry all the weapons you want. You should also try to get one of the unbreakable weapons, which will help you clear out the clutter.

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