Zelda Breath of The Wild Korok Seed Locations

Korok seeds are collectibles in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They’re tiny yellow seeds obtained from Korok, a race of tiny, enigmatic forest creatures. Each time you find a Korok, it will reward you with a seed. It’s easier said than done, as finding them usually involves solving a puzzle of some kind. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Zelda Breath of the Wild Korok seed locations, how to solve the puzzles and get them.

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zelda breath of the wild korok seed locations
Zelda Breath of the Wild Korok seed locations

Korok Seeds Puzzle Types

To get pretty much any Korok seed, you’ll have to solve some small puzzle. Usually, they’re not too hard, but sometimes they’re difficult to find. For a lot of them, you might not even recognize that there’s anything there. Fortunately, there are only so many types of puzzles, and once you know how to spot them, things become much easier.

  • Moving metal blocks – If you find two stone structures with a metal block somewhere nearby, you’re on to a Korok puzzle. Use Magnesis to manipulate the blocks to make the structures the same.
  • Offerings to god statues – You can notice several instances of statues with bowls in front of them around Hyrule. Some of them might be empty, so fill them with the corresponding item to get a Korok seed.
  • Shooting balloons – Find the orange pinwheels that are strewn about. When you get near them, a balloon (or more) will pop up somewhere in the vicinity. Pop them all with your arrows.
  • Chained metal ball – All you need to do is lift the ball with Magnesis and put them in the hollow tree where the chain begins.
  • Following yellow flowers – If you notice a yellow flower that your camera can’t identify, approach it, and it will teleport someplace else nearby. Follow it around until you get a Korok. If the flowers appear in a bunch, you’ll have to approach them in a certain order.
  • Rolling boulders into holes – Pretty self-explanatory. If you see a large hole in the ground, find a boulder nearby and roll it in.
  • Fireflies – Approach the firefly cluster and examine it to reveal a Korok.
  • Picking fruit – Sometimes, you might run into several fruit trees bunched together that have different amounts of fruit on them. All you need to do is pick the fruit until all trees have the same amount.
  • Picking up rocks – Find the rock markers around Hyrule and pick them up to find the Korok hiding underneath. They’re usually high up in the mountains.
  • Melting ice – Use your torch or light a fire to melt weirdly-shaped blocks of ice.
  • Rock circles – Find a rock somewhere nearby and throw it into the center of the circle.
  • Rolling boulders between trees – If you notice a bunch of boulders that seems oddly placed, but can’t find a hole, look for two trees or something else that might look like a goal.
  • Waterlily hoops – Climb up a nearby ledge and do a forward dive in the center of the lily circle.
  • Tree Stumps with leaf symbols – Step on one of these to start the race. You need to make it to the stopwatch circle that appears in the allotted time.
  • Completing rock formations – You’ll probably come across some rock formations that are in different shapes. You’ll either need to bring in more rocks to complete the puzzle, or re-arrange the existing ones.

Korok seed locations in Great Plateau

great plateau Korok Seed Locations zelda botw 1. The first one we found on the top of the pile of stones.
2. The second one in up on the mountain, where you have to move rocks.
3. For the third one, you have to put the rock in the hole on the tree stump.
Zelda Breath of the Wild great plateau koroko seed 4. Just remove the leaves and pick up the stone.
5. Follow the flower path.
6. Pick up the small stone.
7. Jump from the cliff into the circle of flowers in the water.
8. Climb up to the top of the tower.
koroko seed locations great plateau zelda botw 9. Examine the sparkles under the wooden bridge
10. Throw a small stone in the center
11. Take a stone block from the ground and place it on the wall
12. Find a stone nearby and put it in the center of the circle
13. The stone is next to the ruins

Korok seed locations in West Necluda

In the western part of the West Necluda map, you’ll spot a ruins on the hill. Go up the stairs, pick up a huge rock, and you’ll find Korok.

Just a little further near the river you’ll spot balloons in the sky, with huge red aim marks on them. Go up the hill, destroy them and get another seed.

For another one you’ll need Climber’s Bandanna that improves your climbing activities. In order to reach and examine the top of the huge flag pole you’ll have to refill your stamina several times. Use Energizing Mushroom Skewer that instantly refills some of your Stamina Wheels. You will need Stamella Shroom to cook this meal.

Once you reach Kakariko Village place some apples on the plates in front of the frogs.

Where to find Korok seeds in BoTW

The preview footage we’ve seen has only shown two Korok. One was at a shrine near a graveyard. There were two statues with offering plates. One had an apple on it, the other didn’t. When Link dropped an apple on the second plate, a Korok appeared and gave him the seed.

The other one was easier to figure out, but required a certain amount of stamina to perform. Link found a yellow, glowing flower on a coast. When he approached it, the flower disappeared, then reappeared nearby. This happened several times, leading him across a wide river. Finally, the flower turned into a Korok and rewarded him.

The description you get when receiving the seed says they have a distinct smell. Their use isn’t apparent, but the text hints that you’d want to gather a bunch. There’s probably a way to trade them in or use them in a ritual, or something. There are rumors claiming there’s more than 900 of them in the game, so gathering a bunch shouldn’t be too problematic.

We’ll update this guide with more information once the game is released, on March 3rd. If you know of any other Korok seed locations, feel free to let us know in the comments.



  1. A

    There are a bunch of them, they are really fun to find. They can be hiding under rocks. behind flower patters where you have to touch them in order, in lakes/rivers, etc. This is an amazing game! 15 hours in and I have a LOOOOOOG way to go.

  2. D

    You’re missing at least 5, Gosu! I got 13 on the Great Plateau.

    1. D

      “Missing at least 5”

      There are 900 OF THESE THINGS. He’s missing a lot more than 5.

  3. R

    There needs to be apples in all the bowls in front of impa’s house for the korok to appear. Just putting an apple in the Third one didn’t do anything for me.

  4. J

    You give them to korok to expand your inv

  5. J

    at least 2 you have listed on great plateau #10 and 11 are not there for me. I did find in the same area on the wall, a frozen block that I melted with a fire arrow (or you can make a flame with logs or flint stone) and found a korok.

  6. R

    Need help on one Karok puzzle dealing with the 5 rocks in a ring. Normally when I find one of those types, its just a matter of finding a rock nearby, picking it up, and then get as close to it, and throw rock into the middle of the ring of rocks to get the seed. However, the puzzle located just between the peaks of Mount Floria and Brenan Peek (the mountains just east of the treasure cave), there is a pond with the puzzle in it. You know its the right one because the north side shore has a cave with Electric Bats and a ton of Ore to mine. The ring is to far into the pond to throw from any edge including above the lake. I tried freezing the water and time stopping, but both didn’t work either. Can somebody check out the spot and help me find the solution? Thanks.

    1. J

      Hi, i just did this. I froze a platform next to the highest bit of bank, then picked up the rock, jumped onto the ice while holding the rock. then put the rock down and made another ice, jumped to that ice with the rock and then threw it in 🙂

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