Zelda Breath of The Wild How to Kill Guardians

Guardians are a type of enemy in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They’re giant robots from the distant past. Most of them are in disrepair, but some are still active. When you pass near them, they’ll spring to life and attack you. They can be difficult to deal with if you don’t know how to handle them. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill Guardians in Zelda Breath of The Wild.

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how to kill guardians zelda breath of the wild
How to kill guardians in Zelda Breath of The Wild

How to defeat Guardians in BoTW

Guardians have a lot of health, they’re fairly large, and they hit like a ton of bricks. Luckily, they have a couple of glaring faults that can be exploited. The best way to defeat them is to deflect their shots. If you have the patience to practice, the first technique is hands-down the best.

You’ll need a Guardian Shield to do this. Lock onto the enemy, and wait for it to shoot its laser. As soon as you see the laser sight on Link, start watching the eye. Just at the moment when it starts glow harder, press A to parry. If done right, this will deflect the shot. Your shield will be undamaged, you’ll be unharmed, and the Guardian will take massive damage.

If this is too complicated for your taste, there are other ways. The eye is a weak spot – shooting it with arrows may stagger the guardian. Explosive arrows are the best choice, in case you’ve got them. You should stock up on guardian weapons at the Akkala Tech Lab – they do more damage to guardians. You’ll need a bunch of ancient parts, which you get by looting guardian corpses. Constantly running around the monster and dishing out hits here and there seems to work well, but it’s a slow process.

One way to defeat walking Guardians is to use kiting, as discovered by Reddit user Bastrion. What you need to do is quickly run up, break one of the legs (Guardian weapons work well), run out of line of sight or behind cover, then repeat the process until the Guardian is immobile. At that point, just run up to it and attack until it goes down, since it can’t shoot you when you’re close up. If you overestimate yourself, you can use Stasis + if you have it. That should slow the beam down enough for you to get to cover. Before this, you can test out the Guardian’s line of sight by intentionally diverting attention to yourself, then backing off to safety. While this method is effective, however, the shield parry remains the preferable strategy.

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  1. L

    Anyone know where to get the Guardian shield?

    1. A

      The shrines that say “A minor test of power” often have a small guardian with a sword and a shield. Once you defeat them, you can gather both items.

    2. J

      I do @Liz You can find them at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab or get them from killing a smaller guardian in a test of strength Shrine

    3. Z

      A great way to get Guardian weapons is to find shrines titled a ……. Test of strength because those have guardians in them and then you can also collect the parts to make other ancient weapons

  2. R
    Robbie Mott

    normally in shrines tbh

  3. M

    Tbh you dont need a guardian shield. I do it with metal shields.

  4. S

    You don’t need a guardian shield, son. I do it with pot lids so I don’t waste good shields.

    1. W

      any shield works so might as well use the shitty ones so in case you miss the parry you wont break a good one

  5. H

    Get a chicken and throw it into the laser. the chicken community will do the rest for you

  6. M

    Just get the master sword (or any weapon I guess, I didn’t try to fight a full grown guardian until I had gotten it) and cut it’s legs off by running in a circle around it, swinging like crazy (two hits per leg) and then the guardian will be imobablized. It takes damage too, so you can either beat it to death with a weapon or back off and continuously hit it in the eye. It’s good to have plenty of hearts, food, and a set of guardian resistant armor, but you don’t need it. Just dodge blasts and attack when you can.

  7. S

    How the hell am I supposed to look at it’s eye if i’m locked on. My timing is right but there’s no way to aim at it’s eye if your locked on.

    1. S

      Nevermind, I got it

  8. L

    If you are one to use ancient arrows, use your weak little bow that shoots 3 at a time with them for close range combat. It’ll take out walking guardians with one shot, rather than the usual 3 deflects or shots needed, and only dock your inventory by one ancient arrow. I completely farmed around Hyrule Castle with it because my ancient bow broke and shields were out. Right as I began, lightning started, so it was my only option left as it’s wooden. Needless to say, my panic turned to joy when I saw the walking ones go down so fast.

  9. B

    The most easiest way (yeah, wrong gramma, but it fits the best here) is getting Ancient Arrows and any kind of Multishot-Bow (like the one of Champian Revali) and then shoot them directly into their eyes. 1 Shot normally will do.

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