Zelda BoTW How to Kill White Lynel in Master Mode

White Lynel is a monster you can run into in Zelda Breath of The Wild. If you choose to play the new Master Mode, which is like a hard difficulty setting, you’ll encounter one on the Great Plateau. He’s extremely dangerous, and will kill you with one shot if you’re not careful. Still, there’s a way to deal with him. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill white lynel in master mode.

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zelda botw how to kill white lynel master mode
How to kill White Lynel in Master Mode

How to beat Lynel at Great Plateau

The Lynel is near the church, and has a big field of view. You’ll need to sneak past him in order to get the equipment you need, then come back and face him. He can shoot bomb arrows and has an explosive area-of-effect attack. Like all other enemies on master mode, he regenerates health.

Here’s what we recommend you do in preparation:

  • Get the Phantom Armor. It provides a lot of protection and increases your attack, and it’s pretty easy to obtain.
  • Grab the fire arrows from the floating platform near the Magnesis shrine.
  • Grab the knight’s claymore from the floating platform near the waterfall.
  • There’s a small island with a pool east of Eventide Island. There’s a chest in that pool, and you can exploit it. Grab the ten arrows from it, and they’ll respawn when you save and load the game.
  • Get your hands on some attack up elixirs.

Once you’re geared up, you can go back and start the fight. The main idea is to stun him as fast as you can. You can do this by shooting arrows in his face. Once he’s stunned, you have your chance to do some damage. There are two good ways to go about this:

  • Use Magnesis or Stasis to smack him with a boulder. It’s less effective than an actual weapon, but you don’t have to worry about durability.
  • Mount him and start spamming attacks. Weapons don’t seem to degrade when you use them this way.

Once he’s up and running again, repeat the process. You’ll need to shoot him from time to time, even between lining up face shots, to stop the health regeneration from kicking in.

If it proves to be too much of a challenge, you can always go about your business, get more health and stamina by completing shrines, grab the Master Sword, then return and kick the Lynel’s ass.