Zelda BoTW How to Make Cake - A Parent's Love Side Quest

A Parent’s Love side quest in Zelda Breath of the Wild requires you to find a recipe for making cake and it is one thing that we couldn’t figure out for a while. We’re bad bakers, obviously – it turns out you need mostly the standard cake stuff for it, and one more unusual ingredient. In this quick guide, we’ll show you the cake recipe ingredients and where to find them, how to make a cake in Zelda Breath of The Wild.

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zelda breath of the wild cake quest
How to make a cake in Zelda Breath of The Wild

A Parent’s Love Side quest

In order to start the quest, you need to have built Tarrey Town first. All you need is the big house in the south of the island. Once it’s there, go behind it. Approach the middle window and listen in on the conversation. You’ll hear two concerned parents talking about their daughter who doesn’t eat. The only thing she wants is cake. A cake you’re going to have to bake.

Zelda BoTW cake recipe

Here’s what you’ll need to combine in order to make a cake:

  • Bird Eggs
  • Goat Butter
  • Cane Sugar
  • Tabantha Wheat
  • Monster extract
As you can see, it’s pretty standard baking fare – apart from the eggs. Who puts eggs in their cake?

Where to find cake ingredients in Zelda BoTW

Getting the ingredients is just a matter of visiting the right vendors. The eggs and butter can be bought from the trader in Kakariko Village, in the Lanaryu Region, south of the Wetlands. You can buy the sugar and the wheat from the peddler at Rito Village, in the northwestern part of the map. The monster extract is sold by the secret vendor Kilton. He can be a bit tough to find, since he regularly moves. Make sure you have a bunch of monster parts before looking him up.



  1. N

    the eggs are not a requirement

    1. T

      Eggs are a requirement, but not sugar.

      1. T

        Instead off eggs, you’ll want milk.

        1. J
          Jae Ting

          Lel baking cake without egg as requirement? u can say that again

          1. B
            Bob bee

            Now imagine one without sugar lmao

  2. D

    Where do you find sugar? I keep going to the spot you have marked, but no one’s selling it.

    1. B

      It’s still in the form of canes afaik.

    2. A

      you can buy it at rito village

    3. A

      You can find cane sugar at Rito Village. That is the only form of sugar there is and it works

      1. F

        No!U can get it in almost every village.

        1. C

          No only in Rito actually

          1. C

            At least I think

          2. M

            It is found in both Rito and Goron Villages. But you get more at the Ri to Village.

    4. S

      I haven’t gotten very far in the game so I’ve only found one place to buy sugar; korok forest. At the general store, you can buy cane sugar.

    5. A

      The rito village

    6. D

      The Slippery Falcon at Rito village has sugar, wheat and butter

    7. D

      Go to the Hateno shop

    8. S

      Try the general store at Rito Village

    9. A
      Alex Ritter

      At Rito village they sell cane sugar

  3. D

    Lol, who puts eggs in a cake? Um everybody, otherwise you’d bake a brick.

    1. K

      It’s a joke. Why is there monster extract in the cake

      1. M

        When you get the extract, the description says it makes things taste good. Not sure why monster extract would make things taste good, but whatever, mmmmmkay.

  4. J
    Jake Villarreal

    When they say sugar they mean sugar canes you can find them at the rito village.

  5. C

    The moment I read ‘monster’ I went to Fang n Bone and didn’t find a cake or dialogue for a cake. So I bought a monster extract, on a whim- maybe I needed to bake this monstrous cake. I looked online for regular cake ingredients because I didn’t want to leave any out and waste materials. But then found this guide and spoiled it a bit for myself. Oh well, I’m surprised I was on the right track! That’s why this game is amazing. You think “Maybe I have to do this? Ohh…no, that is too complex. There’s gotta be a more obvious way” but then it turns out the more complex solution is the correct solution! Hardly any games are like this, there aren’t any restrictions 😀

    A perfect example of this is the crown of bone shrine. My first thought was the correct thought but I thought it was way too complex for a video game. :p so instead I searched around for 30 min when I should’ve stuck with my gut!

  6. L

    This really helped me out. Thanks for posting.

  7. F

    After I did made the cake I couldn’t find the house but then I found it.Phew

  8. T

    You can get can sugar from, Goron city, eggs from hateno, Goat butter from Argus who is usallu accompanied by a Donkey, Currently tryna figure out Tabantha wheat

    1. I

      Tabantha wheat can be found in rito village at the shop

    2. M

      Tabantha wheat is in Tito villageeeee

  9. C
    Chance ybarra

    You can get tabantha wheat from the tabantha frontier as well. Just cut the grass and you will eventually find some.

  10. A

    Go to the woman rito in rito village at the general store

  11. A

    To make it monster cake otherwise it would be normal cake

    1. B

      If you talk to the vender, Lorn, at her fruit stand in the Gerudo Village, she tells you her daughter loves fruit cake and gives you the basic recipe (tabantha wheat, goat butter, cane sugar -no egg-). Spera, another Gerudo around the corner sells tabantha wheat.
      You need to make it a monster cake, which takes those 3 basic ingredients plus the monster extract from Kilton.

  12. C

    in the same village there is a old couple walking around. if you talk to the husband and ask about his wife he’ll tell you she’s a chef, and if you ask her she’ll tell you the recipe for monster cake. and it has no egg!

    I think you need to have listened in on the conservation between ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ before that option becomes available though.

  13. H

    some how my monster cake gives extra hearts

  14. H

    where do you find great frost blades btw

    1. O

      I found one in the coliseum ruins lmao

  15. M

    Enthusiasm and desire can break through all difficulties

  16. B
    Beckett d.

    I dunno about thunderblades, but great ice and flame are in Hyrule castle. The ice is near the library, the fire is in the docks.

  17. V
    Victini V

    Every time I tried this recipe it came with fried eggs and butter. I don’t know what was wrong!

    1. C

      Don’t use butter

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