Breath of the Wild Summoning Wolf Link Amiibo

Many long-standing Legend of Zelda fans are going to love this one. If you have a Wolf Link Amiibo, you can actually summon it in Breath of the Wild. It follows you around like a pet, and can be a huge help in battle.

Breath of the Wild Summoning Wolf Link Amiibo
Breath of the Wild Summoning Wolf Link Amiibo

Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild

In case you’re new to the Zelda franchise, you might need a little context for this. In Twilight Princess, Link transformed into a wolf when he went into a Twilight-covered area. This was an interesting game mechanic. As a wolf, you could bite, dig, talk to animals and even give people allergic reactions. One of the other characters, Midna, could ride Wolf Link into combat, and even solve puzzles.

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Needless to say, Wolf Link was hugely popular with the fans. Not only is it a fun element in the game itself, but it also looked (and felt) pretty cool. So, of course, it got its own Amiibo. And the developers of Breath of the Wild decided to include it into the game, not only for extra awesomeness, but also as a very useful companion.

Now, Nintendo fans are no strangers to scanning Amiibos, but we’ll explain it in short for any potential newcomers. To scan an Amiibo on the Wii-U, you simply put it on the scanner on the bottom left side of the controller. On the Switch, the same scanner is on the right Joy-Con, and the process is the same. You just put the Amiibo there when the system asks you to.

So, how does Wolf Link work in Breath of the Wild? Unlike in Twilight Princess, here, it’s an ally. It’s fast, has a lot of hearts, and it can damage enemies quite a bit. There’s rudimentary interaction with it. You can either tell it to stay or follow you. Regardless of what you tell it to do, though, if you engage in battle, Wolf Link will immediately jump into action.

You can check out the full video about Wolf Link below.

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    TIP wolf link can not be summoned in villages because wolf link is a rare companin for battling

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