Zelda BoTW Leviathan Bones Side Quest - Where to find great skeletons

Leviathan Bones is a side quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild. When you accept it, you’ll have to take pictures of three great skeletons in different regions of Hyrule. Two of those are visible from space – you’ll even see them when you zoom in the map – but the third one is very well hidden. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find giant skeletons, how to complete Zelda BoTW Leviathan Bones side quest.

zelda breath of the wild leviathan bones side quest
Leviathan Bones in Zelda BoTW

Where to find giant skeletons

To start the quest, you’ll need to talk to the three brothers standing in front of Serene Stable, northwest of Castle Hyrule. They’ll offer you 300 rupees if you bring them pictures of the three leviathan skeletons. They’ll tell you that one is in the Gerudo desert, another in the Eldin mountains, while the third is in the Hebra mountains. If you talk to them again, you’ll get a hint – the last one is hidden in a cave. They’ll also tell you you don’t need the whole thing in the picture – the head will suffice.

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Gerudo leviathan

The giant skeleton in Gerudo is in the southwestern corner of the map, past Gerudo City. If you’ve already cleared Hawa Koth shrine, you’ll remember it towering above the shrine’s entrance.

Eldin leviathan

The leviathan on the slopes of Eldin mountain is equally easy to find. It’s on the edge of the giant canyon that serves as the map’s north border. You’ll find it near the northwestern corner of Death Mountain.

Hebra leviathan location

This is the tricky one. It is located in a frozen cave in the Hebra mountains. You’ll need to find a small pond a valley east of Hebra North Summit. Use your Cryosis power to build a pillar of ice in it. Climb the slope behind it, and grab one of the large snowballs there. Throw it down the hill, and it will roll to the bottom, breaking the weak wall that blocks the entrance to the cave. Once inside, you’ll immediately see the giant head in the distance.

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