Persona 5 Debuts at Number 1 on UK Sales Charts

Persona 5 recently came out outside of Japan, and it’s doing pretty good. It debuted at the top of the UK sales charts, effortlessly dethroning Mass Effect: Andromeda. The release of Persona 5 in the West is the biggest launch of any game in the long-running series.

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Persona 5 Debuts at Number 1 on UK Sales Charts
Persona 5 Debuts at Number 1 on UK Sales Charts

The hype surrounding Persona 5 has spread from fans of the series to the general gaming community. Although it’s been out in Japan since September 2016, it only came to other markets on April 4th 2017, and the crowd is going wild. Both gamers and critics are unilaterally praising Persona 5. It’s currently tied with Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX for best-reviewed JRPG on Metacritic. And needless to say, the sales are catching up to the praise.

As we’ve written before, Persona 5 has reached 1.5 million shipped copies, both physical and digital. It debuted on the UK sales charts in first place, which not even Final Fantasy XV managed. To be fair, the charts seem to only track physical copies, and FFXV did come out parallel with FIFA 17. Still, this is the first Atlus game to reach no. 1 in UK charts, so it’s an important milestone for the series regardless.

Meanwhile, Mass Effect Andromeda has dropped from first to fifth place on the chart after hanging on to the top for two weeks. The new ME Andromeda patch that fixed a lot of the issues that have been plaguing the game since launch did nothing to boost sales, at least not yet. The other games on the list include Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Lego Worlds and GTA V in second, third and fourth place, respectively.

Persona 5 got a worldwide release on April 4th 2017. It’s available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can check out our Persona 5 How to Get DLC Items, Costumes & Skill Cards and How to Enable Japanese Audio in Persona 5 guides.

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