Zelda botw Lynel farming locations map


  1. F

    You are missing the Lynel next to Zora Domain on Ploymus Mountain.

    1. L

      The reason it’s not on the map is that after you beat vah ruta it disapears.

      1. L

        Sry, i was wrong.

        1. J

          No it doesn’t, i just beat it…

          1. F

            There is a side quest called Lynel Safari which you get in Zora’s Domain. In order to complete Vah Ruta, you have to get at least 20 shock arrows. Prince Sidon recommends going to Ploymus Mountain to farm some shock arrows, as the Lynel likes shooting them and leaves them. On your way there, you run into (if you’re social with the NPCs here) Laflat who asks you to take a picture of a Lynel and show her. Two birds. One stone. Just remember to take a picture of him before you kill him, or you’ll have to find another one .-. Keep in mind, he may not be gone forever. Blood Moon on the rise, you never know.

      2. T

        It doesn’t, I have defeated it multiple times after beating the divine beast

      3. B
        BotW pro

        This is not true. I have defeat all divine beasts and the Lynel is still there.

    2. Z

      I went to a lynel location in the Faron region and found a hinox instead

      1. N
        Nathan Moreland

        It’s actually one cliff higher. I literally just beat that one

  2. K

    oh you have one marked red on here that should be silver! the one in central hyrule right outside of the great tutorial zone

    1. N

      As far as I know, the colors change depending on your progress in the game.

    2. D

      Yes but the one on ploymus does not change. I have all the divine beasts done and it is still red-maned.

  3. P

    I went to a lot of these locations but the colors don’t match up. It seems like some are either random or they got mixed up by accident here.

    1. S

      This might be the Coliseum one, this one changes based on how many beasts are completed.

    2. N

      The colors of all Lynels change depending on your game progress, as far as I know. If that’s really the case, maybe they just put the color there that the Lynels have at the very beginning.

    3. P

      After a while the color change to the stronger versions.

    4. P

      Every single one of them are silver for me!!! }:-(

        1. C

          same for me and i like it that way 😀

      1. I
        Isla Johnston

        Same here

  4. B

    They get harder over time. The game will start replacing easier lynels with harder ones, the white haired zebra type. Which is great because they drop better weapons!

  5. P

    what are those leaves on the map??

    1. G

      Korok locations

  6. G

    I think your missing one in the snowfield before mount Lanayru and the spring of wisdom, in the west Necluda snowfield

  7. R

    there’s one in the clearing north of Purifier Lake, it was red for me.

  8. P

    If you have the divine beast special attack (hold down Y) I recommend using that as much as possible, it will significantly lower his health.. Use that along with the flurry attack. And also when you get the chance, when you’ve run out of divine beast Y-attack, press and hold Y button when you’re close to him to release a series of attacks on him. Be aware that he’ll be able to hit you as you’re standing next to him. This attack also lower his health a lot and fast.

    1. G

      Or give ’em a headshot, they drop to their knees, then you can ride on their backs, and all attacks on their back do 0 durability to the weapon.

    2. B

      I got a savage Lynel crusher that did 96 damage and it has one hit left in it so I use it on the back of those golden Lynel. Yes I play master mode

  9. B

    At some point in game they are ALL white Lynels, which sucks

    1. T

      Mine are all Silver

    2. D

      Mine are all silver, which is awesome cause they drop good weapons

    3. M

      except the one on Ploymus Mountain – this one is part of a quest and remains red forever (similarly his drops remain scaled way down)

  10. R

    There is one at Lodrum Headland, toward s Tarm Point & 2 in Hyrule Castle.

    Since I have beat Ganon mine have all gone silver.

  11. O

    Map is missing red onploymus mountain, one silver at Tarm Point, one silver past Lanatry Road – East Gate, one silver left of Riola Spring and one white, always with flame sword in Coliseum Ruins. To give credit, I need to confirm some of the marked locations for lynels.

  12. O

    Map had three locations I previously didn’t know. So, thank you.

  13. S

    You are missing two in hyrule castle

  14. N

    There is also on aboe dragonbone closer to lake kilisie by maka rah shrine more west right under the mountain

  15. L
    Lynel Assasin

    Most of the lynel locations like the colosseum are random. But the ones by zora’s domain is always red for new people. Don’t be afraid to fight lynels. once you master the flurry rushes, its almost too simple. Statis is a great way to kill him in less that an minute. This map doesn’t show perfectly everything and we can’t tell if its a silver or white lynel. Don’t mind my spelling

  16. L
    Lynel Assasin

    lol. I can tell everyone here have switch or the zelda game. nice

    1. I

      Lol me to thx for the location.

    2. J
      John cena

      I have a wiiu I know I’m broke XD

  17. M

    There are also 2 in the trial of the sword, but you can’t keep their weapons 🙁

  18. D

    There are two lynels between the trench between hebra and Central Hyrule. I believe they are both silver maned.

  19. D

    There is also one red one near Gisa craters.

  20. G

    Isn’t there one past the memory near kakariko village

    1. A
      Anthony Privette

      There’s a memory near Kakariko?

  21. G

    You missed the one near Rucco Mag Shrine near samasa plain.

  22. G

    Hey you missed the lynel in Hyrule castle, it’s in an arena outside on the northern side of the castle.

  23. F

    Some are missing at hyrule castle

  24. D

    I need guts. I’ve killed for reds so far and I’ve only gotten guts from one. Any recommendations? I’m trying to upgrade my armor…

    1. B

      Hey drew, the red ones don’t drop guts, only the black and silver ones I think, you can check what creature drops what by taking a picture of it using the camera mode on your sheika slate then looking at it in your album, this will show you who drops what

      1. G

        I don’t think there is black Lynels

  25. S

    Lots of Lynel locations are missing. Update the map?

  26. E

    You missed the one between lodrum headland and tarm point

  27. I

    Lol me to thx for the location.

  28. S

    your missing one at Tarm Point south of Lodrum Headland on the east coast 🙂

  29. X

    Missing the one on the east side of lake Kilsie in the Hebra region. If you hug the edge of the map on the left side you’ll find it. Your also missing the one at the base of mt lanayru next to the lanayru road East gate. Then there’s the one north of there at tarm point next to some ruins south of lodrum headland.

  30. T

    It changes every divine beast you complete

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