Zelda BoTW Misko The Great Bandit Side Quest - Treasure Location

Misko the Great Bandit is a side quest in Zelda Breath of the Wild. This quest sets you on a short adventure of finding a hidden treasure. To complete it, you’ll need to follow the clues from the quest description. In this guide, we’re going to help you complete Zelda BoTW Misko The Great Bandit quest, and show you where to find the treasure chests.

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Zelda BotW Misko The Great Bandit Location
Misko The Great Bandit Side Quest – Zelda Breath of the Wild

Misko the Great Bandit Location

To start this quest, head to Dueling Peaks Stable. You’ll find it in Necluda, just as you go through the mountain pass from Central Hyrule to West Necluda. If you are following the main story, you’ll reach this location fairly early in the game, on your journey to Kakariko Village. The stable is just east of Ha Dahamar Shrine, one out of 120 Shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Enter the stable during the day and find Domidak and Prissen. For a price of 100 rupees, they will give you information about the treasure, and the quest will start.

Treasure of Misko The Great Bandit

To complete the quest and find the treasure, head south from the Dueling Peaks Stable and Big Twin Bridge. Although the quest doesn’t mark the treasure’s location, you get the main info from the quest description.

The little twin steps over the little river. My cave rests above that river’s source.

The two twin steps are the two bridges south from the Stable: Big Twin and Little Twin Bridge. Once you pass them, keep to your right to the south, towards the Hickaly Woods. At the end of the small river, to your right, there is a tall waterfall. On the shore of this same river, there is the hidden entrance to the Toto Sah Shrine. You’ll need to destroy some rocks in order to reach its entrance.

Back to the waterfall, go ahead and climb on top of it. Since it is a tall waterfall, you’ll need at least one point invested into the stamina, or some stamina replenishing food, Climbing Gear… On top of it, you’ll find some rocks. Destroy them to reveal the entrance of a small cave. The one where the treasure chests are hidden.

There are five treasure chests inside this cave, while the sixth one is hidden behind another set of rocks. The loot you get from them are: 2x Sapphire, Amber, Opal, Luminous Stone, Flameblade (24 damage).

Note: In front of this waterfall there is a Korok Seed. You’ll need to pick up a rock from the small island to get it.

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