Zelda BoTW Missing In Action - Where to find Oliff, Flaxel, Canolo, Palme

Missing in Action is one of the side quests in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It requires you to find four friends ambushed by monsters in Gerudo Canyon. In order to find them, you’ll have to scale cliffs and fight monstery on rickety scaffolding. The game doesn’t mark their locations on the map, only the approximate area. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Palme, Flaxel, Oliff and Canolo, and help you complete Zelda BotW Missing in Action side quest.

zelda breath of the wild missing in action side quest
Zelda BoTW Missing in Action side quest

Missing in Action side quest

You can start the quest by talking to Sesami, the distraught man in front of Gerudo Canyon Stable. It’s near the southwestern end of the canyon (the desert side). He’ll tell you his group was ambushed near Koukot Plateau, and his friends didn’t manage to escape. He’ll ask you to find them, and will reward you with 300 rupees if you do.

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Flaxel location

Go to where the canyon bends around the plateau. You’ll see a wooden construction at the top of the cliff, ending above the chasm. There will be a man trapped by two monsters. Defeat them and talk to him, and he’ll go to the stable.

Where to find Canolo

While you’re on the construction, look across the canyon, down and to the left. You’ll see a woman in distress on the top row of scaffolding. Defeat the monster, speak to her, and you can move on.

How to get to Oliff

Follow the scaffolding you found Canolo on east, staying on the north side. When you reach the end, you’ll see two monsters troubling another one of the friends. Make sure you talk to them, so they teleport back to the stable.

Where to find Palme

Go south along the edge of the canyon, until you reach the stone bridge. Cross to the western side, and climb up to the scaffolding. Continue southward until you reach an eave. Fight the two enemies and free Palme.

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