Injustice 2 The Flash Gameplay Trailer is Now Live

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. released a new Injustice 2 gameplay trailer for the Flash. The trailer showcases The Flash in action, his special moves and combos. As you’d expect, Flash uses his superhuman speed to chain some pretty awesome combos and juggles.

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Injustice 2 The Flash Gameplay Trailer is Now Live
Injustice 2 The Flash Gameplay Trailer is Now Live

The new gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 is up on the official YouTube channel. It focuses on The Flash and showcases some of his flashy moves. Shut up, it’s not like the game has better puns.

Naturally, Flash leans heavily on his incredible speed in fights. He uses it to “teleport” around the map, juggle his enemies and generally chain together extremely quick and long combos. He can even punch so quickly, the enemy keeps getting hit even after Flash stops moving.

But it’s the special move in the end that really takes the cake. The Flash picks up his opponent (in this case, Gorilla Grood) and goes back through history. He slams Grood into the Sphinx, causing the nose to fall off. He then goes further back and knocks the enemy into a poor, innocent tyrannosaurus. Finally, he takes Grood a few seconds before taking him back in time, and slams him into himself. Yes, I’m also confused. Check the trailer out to figure out how it works.

In case you’re not familiar with Barry Allen’s (aka, The Flash) role in Injustice 2, take a look at the description from the official website. The Regime refers to the time when Superman decided to rule the world with an iron hand in the first Injustice.

Once known as the fastest man alive, Barry Allen has hung up his boots in public shame after defecting from the Regime. However as a new enemy threatens the innocent, the Flash returns to action, determined to redeem himself.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to come out on May 16th, 2017. You’ll be able to get it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as on iOS and Android.

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