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  1. R

    On No.11 you push a snowball down the slope, not a rock. There’s a group of several snowballs.

  2. N

    No. 20 is on the Southeast slope of the North Hebra mountains is it? Or did you mean the North West slope, literally the opposite side of the compass, you know, where it is located.

  3. S
    seymor buts

    did you forget your adhd medication when numbering this map? theres no order to it whatsoever

  4. P
    Patuna brown

    There is a horse in hebra that is 5 strength,5 stamina and if you name Zep it is more bonded to you.

    1. H

      where exactly (yes i know im 3 years later)

      1. G
        Grhol Labyrinth

        I think it’s at Sturnida Basin (is still fun after 3 years tho)

        1. N
          Nazzy Norris

          4 Now!