1. P
    Peter Auger

    8 10 2 isn’t in west Necluda. If I were you, u should look deeper to the details before releasing a topic.

    1. C
      Christopher S

      Where was it then?

    2. R

      jesus dude relax this is just showing you where they are

    3. C

      What kind of evil H***** b**** specifically creates an account just to berate someone who is giving them a free guide. Then doesn’t take half a second to spellcheck their own comment! THEN NEVER REPLIES TO ANYONE’S REPLIES?!

    4. N

      If I were you, you should should look deeper? This is definitely the most ignorant thing I’ve come across today.

  2. L

    Thanks dude

  3. C
    Christopher S

    The 3 shrines were connected to 4, 5, and 6.

  4. F

    You are missing the Dow Na’eh Shrine NorthEast of 8

    1. J

      No, we aren’t. We just filed it under Lanayru.

      1. F

        I forgot to take it back after I realized that 5 seconds after posting that…

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