Zelda BoTW Stealthfin Trout Locations - Where to farm stealth fish

Stealthfin Trout is a type of fish in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It has a blue body with white spots and red fins. It’s important because you can use it to upgrade your Sheikah stealth armor set. It’s a tough catch, though. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get this elusive fish. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best Zelda BoTW Stealthfin Trout locations, to help you farm them.

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where to find stealthfin trout zelda botw
Zelda BotW Stealthfin Trout

Where to farm Stealthfin Trout

There are several places where you can catch the Stealthfin Trout, but the best one by far is Lake Mekar. It’s the big body of water that goes all the way around Great Hyrule Forest. The southern part of the lake is the richest – between the narrow land passage that leads into the forest to the east and Mekar Island to the west.

Once you’ve spotted the fish from the distance, you can either glide above them and drop down to catch them unaware, or you can try bombing them. You’ll have to do this from the outer rim of the lake – if you get too close to the forest, the fog will teleport you back to shore.

If you’re having trouble spotting the fish, make sure you come back once it’s dark. The Stealthfin Trout, contrary to its name, is anything but stealthy. It posesses a kind of bioluminescence, which makes it glow in the dark. Not really the best evolutionary trait, but who are we to complain? You’ll need lots of them for the armor upgrade, so every bit of help is more than welcome.

There’s also a small lake in the southwestern part of the Great Hyrule Forest you can try. It’s a lot smaller, which makes catching the fish easier, but you’ll have to either contend with the fog, or use the nearby shrine waypoint.

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