Zelda BoTW Tingle's Outfit Location - Fairy Clothes Quest

Tingle’s outfit is one of the new costumes in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It consists of three parts – a hood, a shirt and a pair of tights. It’s a callback to one of Nintendo’s iconic characters, but it also provides a bonuse when worn. As usual, finding it is the hard part. Thankfully, there’s a quest to guide you – it’s called Treasure: Fairy Clothes. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Zelda Botw Tingle’s outfit.

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zelda botw tingle's outfit dlc location
Tingle’s outfit in Zelda BoTW

Where to find Tingle’s outfit

You’ll first need to find a book hinting at the locations of the pieces. It’s hidden in the Outpost Ruins north of Lake Hylia. You’ll find it on a shelf in the southernmost building. It will tell you parts of Tingle’s Outfit are hidden across Hyrule Field – one in the ruins where trade flourished, another in the ruins where sinners were imprisoned, the last in village ruins next to the farmland where many people once gathered.

Tingle’s Hood

Go to the Exchange Ruins, south of the Central Tower. The hood is in a chest in the southeastern part of the ruins, next to the korok seed. Use magnesis to pull it out of the ground.

Tingle’s Shirt

The shirt can be found in the Castle Town Prison, a bit west from Hyrule Castle. Look for wooden beams sticking out of the ground between the castle’s moat and the road. You’ll need to use magnesis to unearth the chest.

Tingle’s Tights

The tights are in the Mabe Village Ruins, south of the castle. Once you’re there, look for an inactive guardian in the southern part of the ruins. The chest is burried under it, but you call free it using magnesis.

When worn, the costume will increase your running speed at night, just like Dark Link armor does. And just like that one, this is also a set of clothing made famous by an earlier Zelda game. It’s the outfit of a strange man called Tingle, whose only wish is to become a fairy. That is why he’s dressed like a green bean.